Turbo failure in my 1.5-year-old Hyundai Creta during a road trip

A team of experts inspected the SUV & found issues with two more parts other than the turbocharger.

BHPian ninjatalli recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Note: Posting this on behalf of a friend. All points below are verbatim from her side.

We own a Nov 2020 Hyundai Creta Turbo DCT car. It's been ~1.5 years and 15,000 km driven so far. We've done the regular 1000 km and 10000 km servicing as per schedule. Prior to this, the car has been functioning fine with a healthy mix of city and highway driving. Recently on a long weekend trip to Chikmagalur, the car broke down in the middle of the highway - sharing the details of the same below.

Day1: On the highway, the car started making a whistling sound whenever I pressed the accelerator - at any speed if I pressed the accelerator, I got a steady whistling sound. We immediately called the nearest authorized service station and went to the Advaith Hyundai service station at Hassan. The team assessed the car for about 2 hours there and said there is an issue with the Turbo. They added that it was the first time they had experienced this issue and spoke with the service team at Advaith Hyundai ITPL Bengaluru. They then changed the engine oil, did a 10km test drive, and returned the car to us. They said it was safe to drive and we could take the car for our trip ahead.

Day 2: The car seemed totally fine. Drove it around with no apparent issues at all.

Day 3: On the highway, the car again started making a whistling sound + started heavily vibrating when I pressed the accelerator. After going ahead for 2-3 km thick white smoke started coming out of the exhaust. We IMMEDIATELY stopped our car on the highway (near Yediyur) and called the Advaith Hyundai ITPL Bengaluru service manager, explaining the whole issue to him. He said the car is NOT safe to drive and we should call the RSA for getting the car towed. We called the RSA at 3:30 PM and finally, the tow vehicle reached our location on the highway at 6:30 PM. We had to wait in the middle of the highway for 3 full hours and no one gave us any updates. That was a horrible turn-around time. The car reached the nearest service station - BLUE Hyundai Neelamangala by 9:30 PM, and we handed it over to the team there.

Day 4: The team at Blue Hyundai Neelamangala tried to assess the issue and by EOD the service manager told us that there is a breakdown in the Turbo, the problem is a new one and their team is unable to assess it. So they have requested for a team of experts from the Hyundai Chennai factory to come to assess and make the report.

Day 5: Post the assessment from the Chennai Hyundai factory expert team, the Blue Hyundai service manager said that there are 3 issues with the car:

  • Turbocharger damaged
  • Intercooler damaged
  • Catalytic Converter damaged

The estimated cost for getting these spare parts and replacing them would come to around INR 2 lacs, but since we have the warranty, we won't be charged. The service manager added that none of the parts are available and they have sent an email to Hyundai asking for the parts, so he couldn't give any timeline for the car's return.

Day 6 & 7: Again no update on the timeline for the return. However, today the service manager said that the issue with the car is only with the Turbo Charger, the others are fine and only need cleaning, so the estimated cost is around INR 75k. We have no idea how suddenly from 3 parts needing replacement, it reduced to single damage - that too after the Chennai factory experts specifically mentioned that 3 parts were damaged and the estimated cost of replacement will be 2 lacs.

Day 8: The service manager said that the Turbo Charger isn't available in India and that the part needs to come from Korea; ETA is 23/May.

Currently, we are on Day 18. The car is still with Blue Hyundai. Last week, the team told us that they have procured the Turbo Charger and will get delivered within a week.

The issues we are facing:

  • The service advisor in Blue Hyundai Neelamangala said that the Turbo issue came up in the first instance when we took the car to the Hassan service station & since it wasn't rectified there, the issue escalated to this level.
  • According to them, 3 parts needed replacement as per the Chennai factory team assessment, they even told me the estimated cost of replacement. All of a sudden that changed to just 1 part needing replacement - how does that make sense?
  • The Turbocharger is getting replaced entirely - how does that affect the rest of the engine's performance; which other associated parts do we need to look out for. Especially since our car is a Turbo DCT variant.

Attaching pictures and videos for additional info/details.

Videos - 1, 2, 3

Requesting experts and those with more knowledge on this aspect on the forum, to kindly share your views on what should she should expect here and what needs to get done additionally to be assured of no future issues coming up due to this incident? She currently has the extended warranty for up to 5 years, but shouldn't this problem warrant a further extension by an additional year at least?

Also is this a common issue observed with Creta (the engine variant)? Any support on this is much appreciated.

Here's what GTO had to say about the matter:

Now you know why we insist on getting the maximum possible warranty packages, for each & every car brand. If something like this can happen so early in a car's life, the odds of it happening to a 5-year old Creta are way higher.

Am quite concerned with the dip in Hyundai's quality levels. There are way too many threads on new'ish Hyundais (and even Kias) with problems, some minor... but some surprisingly major like this one. Even our test-drive Venue & Seltos had niggles.

The 1.4L turbo-petrol is a complex beast, and so is the dual-clutch AT it comes paired with. I remain concerned about their long-term reliability in India.

Here's what BHPian SPIKE ARRESTOR had to say about the matter:

Seeing the white smoke, I believe, there are high chances the car's catalytic converter might have been damaged. Remove the catalytic converter from the exhaust pipe and check for oil and gum deposits, if it is too dirty, with sticky deposits - replace it. The catalytic converter should be easily removable (often 2 x 2 Nos. = 4 bolts mounted on an oval-shaped flange). Once oil enters the cat-con, it reduces the conversion efficiency of the cat-con, as the precious metals within it get contaminated and their surface area is reduced.

Similarly, you should remove the intercooler and check for any unwanted deposits. I would check the whole intake side, starting from the dirty hose up to the intercooler inlet for any unwanted deposits. Press for replacement under warranty.

Here's what BHPian Jaggu had to say about the matter:

Since the vehicle is under warranty, get all the parts replaced, even if there is a delay. Yes, by cleaning the intercooler, intake and exhaust you can use the car but you never know what is going to give trouble later on. Seems like a freak failure of the turbo leading to all these issues.

Here's what BHPian sagarpadaki had to say about the matter:

Intercooler can be cleaned.

Catalytic converter also can be cleaned. But it is difficult to say that cat is damaged by visually inspecting it. Unless the chucks of the material are breaking out. If that is the case, then it has to be replaced. Usually, the catalytic converter will not get damaged so easily, unless it is soaked in oil.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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