Turbocharging my pre-owned Harley-Davidson Dyna Fat Bob

After doing some math, I have shortlisted a Garrett GT 2252 Turbo. Most of the parts needed for the job have already been ordered.

BHPian Alka panwar recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Added Dyna Fat Bob to the family, it's a 2013, 96 cu in pre-loved one with 43k on the odo. It has V&H slip-ons with very nice sound and burble, HD original oil cooler already installed amongst other smaller things. It also has some fairly new leather saddlebags, but I will remove them as I don't like how they look and cover all the nice shiny bits of the entire rear end.

The bike has some problems with it which are being taken care of.

The main issue is the busted fuel pump. The fuel pressure is below 40 psi. It should be 56-58psi. So it is running very poorly with lots of miss fires and starting trouble. Both front forks are leaking, one of the rears is also leaking.

The previous owner was running pillar to post but just couldn't get this thing sorted out. Everyone was milking him as he himself was not very technically inclined. Already paid for fork rebuild and they started leaking again almost immediately. I was told that since the new fork fluid was put in, excess of it will come out for a few days and then it will stop leaking after a while.

People were suggesting an ECU change for the starting trouble, wiring loom change and whatnot. He spent nearly 70k in the last one year and got only 800km of riding in the entire year.

So he approached me to fix the bike which later got converted to a sale offer and we struck a deal.

Now that the motorcycle is mine, it is getting Turbocharged for sure and soon. I am on a shopping spree and most of the parts are already on the way.

In the meantime, front forks are getting new fork seals and fork oil, the fuel pump is being replaced with a brand new unit, the whole bike has a clear polymer wrap installed which is showing its age, so that wrap has to go and then original paint can be polished to its shining glory.

I did some basic math on the engine numbers and with 17.7 lbs/min NA airflow at 6000 rpm, selected a Garrett GT 2252 Turbo. That should fall in a pretty high-efficiency band at 8 psi boost and will be a quick spool to keep lag to a minimum. We are looking at 135-145 bhp with normal fuel.

New Bosch 2 bar map sensor, Dynojet power vision, an intercooler, clutch upgrade, etc. are all ordered and will arrive around 15 Jan.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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