Tweaked the ECM map on my Tigor for better performance: Here's how

I have not increased any parameter that could strain my engine or other components.

BHPian gaurvr recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Greetings to all following my posts. I was able to smoothly write ecu bin file changes to my Tata Tigor ECM using SM2 Pro with bitbox software on bench. On Saturday, I changed the drivers wish map in my ecu to smoothen the transition of fuel injected quantity at different rpms and pedal %. You can check the attached image. If you own a Tata diesel car then you will notice that there is heavy vibration in the band of 1500 to 2000 rpm when you press hard on accelerator. The changes that I made in this map are to tackle that vibration. Man o man, the car accelerates super smooth. I have not increase any top parameter that could strain my engine or other things. If someone has Tata Tiago or Tigor then he can clearly notice smoothness of day & night when driving my car. Next step of tuning is to make excel sheets that link various engine maps like boost map, torque to injected quantity, air to fuel, temperature to boost, EGR, and so on. Once finished, I will share the sheets here.



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