Tyre options for the Skoda Octavia

Stock Good Year tires (205/55, R17) don't do any justice to this car at higher speeds. Need to be upgrade, either on the same size or upsize them.

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Requesting the experts and gurus here to help me understand options for rubber swap / upgrade options for the Skoda Octavia.

As per the official brochure, following is the size:

  • Style variant: 6.5J x 17 H2 ET 46 (Style)

The stock Good Year tyres (205/55, R17) don't do any justice to this car at higher speeds. Need to upgrade either on the same size, or upsize them. This is where your opinion matters. What are the options on the table?

Additionally, the following is my criteria.

  • Not too soft a compound (Don't want to see punctures frequently)
  • A mix of performance & reliability.
  • If the upsize increases height, then its a plus.

Previously I have used Yokohama Earth 1. These held up well, but did get noisy & hard in the 3rd year along with a few punctures.

Any helpful recommendation for tyre shops in Mumbai which offer excellent value for getting the swap done?

Here's what BHPian GranvilleDsouza had to say about the matter:

In all honesty, from all the reviews on other threads and from personal experience, either go with Michelin Primacy or MRF Perfinza.

Both are known to be good tyres, with good grip levels, and good durability. Hyderabad has good roads as well (in comparison to Mumbai). Michelin may be a problem due to an ongoing scarcity.

You won't regret either of them.

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