Updates on my XUV700 AX5: Spare tyre, ORVMs & other cosmetic changes

Got carbon-fibre-styled 3D stickers for my XUV700.

BHPian RavenAvi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Some updates:

1) The ORVM power window switch, to be fitted on the driver door panel, was delayed from the Mahindra plant due to an acute parts shortage. The dispatch was done only on Saturday, 2nd July. Expected to arrive in a week's time. Have delayed the 1st service accordingly.

The part number for the ORVM switch - 0109EW600021B. Notice the Gate Pass Date on the far right.

2) Google Maps' latest update is a big one. I guess this was why the earlier map in Android Auto showed a blank (day or night) when enabled - it hadn't downloaded completely. Now, you can see the entire geographical layout of the location, the roads and the lanes where your XUV will run through. Have a look:

Stationary. Very detailed.

On the move.

3) Had a quick look at some tyres in the stock 235/65/R17 profile to use as my spare (5th).

  • Goodyear Wrangler TripleMax 104H A/T = 11,800
  • Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 108H = 13,600
  • Michelin LTX Trail 108T = 15,000

I have selected the Geolandar taking all things into consideration - the kind of roads I will ply in, plus using it regularly on a 5-wheel rotational basis. Our own Team-BHP thread on the Geolandar gives it a thumbs up from most members also.

Getting 2022 make too, which is a plus. Looks like it can withstand the abuse and then some.

4) Had ordered a new keyfob cover for Icarus - a premium one by Mogato through CarLoginn on Whatsapp. Received the COD parcel today and I am glad I did. The looks, fit and finish are absolutely top-notch.

And, absolutely no issues sliding it out from the keyhole of the 7OO after shutdown.

MRP listed is Rs 1,200. Received at 900/- with free shipping & COD. Worth the moolah.

The entire kit. Keyfob cover is of hard elastic material, yet flexible and light. Seems tough and long-lasting.

Mogato on left, AX5 key in middle, Keyzone silicone case on right (now looking ugly due to all the cutting).

From behind - the Mogato one has a cutout for the Mahindra logo whereas the Keyzone one doesn't.

Very snug fit. The key doesn't move even a millimetre inside it.

Plenty of space behind the base of the key. The reason why it doesn't get stuck.

In the end.

5) Had received the customised letters set from Carmetics Official on Whatsapp about a week back. Took some time out through the past weekend to stick the I-C-A-R-U-S 3D letters in the front and back of our 7OO. Each set contains the letters and a sticking alignment cutout which has perfectly aligned gaps in them according to the letters of the words chosen.

This is how it looks:

The style selected is Carbon Fiber 3D.

50 bucks per letter. Worth it if you can spare the cash.

A close-up. The size is 1.4 inches.

Thickness. Around 5mm would be my guess.

Rear placement. Sticks with 3M self-adhesive.

Aligned centrally according to the placement of the Twin Peaks logo.

Got a "Diesel" 3D sticker free with the 2 sets. Same thickness as the letters.

Tried it with a 16GB USB drive. Even customised all the songs by renaming them in a sequence to play from the root directory itself. No luck so far.

My experiments with USB drives continue.

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