Upgraded from a 2016 Fortuner to the 2021 Fortuner: Initial impressions

The engine feels like a huge upgrade both in terms of power and NVH levels. Also, fuel efficiency is better with more power.

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Brought home Furteela Ghonga 2.0 on 9/11 this year. It will complete two months soon and has been driven about 10,000 kms so far. Coming from 2016 4x4 AT, here are my initial impressions:


  • Engine - Feels like a huge upgrade both in terms of power and NVH levels. Also, FE is better with more power
  • Ride quality is significantly better than previous gen stock suspension. I had upgraded to OME suspension in my previous Fortuner which I am going to do on this as well.
  • Brakes! They are massive upgrades and super adequate for this truck
  • Rear diff lock and easy engagement of low ratio
  • Love the design
  • Cabin feels "more" premium
  • Middle row AC controls are better
  • Front Passenger power adjustable seats and thigh adjustment
  • Powered boot
  • LED lights (Like all except fog lamps which are useless)
  • Apple Carplay and Android Auto
  • Seat folding mechanism is better
  • More storage space for knick knacks
  • Power outlet for all rows
  • Smart entry and go
  • Wipers are pretty good even in super windy and high speed driving
  • Ventilated seats


  • Rear speakers are pathetic
  • Fog lamps are purely for aesthetics and serve no other purpose
  • Steel spare
  • Front side indicator is placed very low
  • Paint quality is poor
  • No LED in the boot area
  • Cup holders in the center seems useless. It would have been better as regular storage space
  • Storage area behind that also seems useless
  • Power boot opening is too slow

Other Observations:

  • DPF regeneration have been happening regularly and haven't faced any issue so far (~150-200 km interval)
  • Adblue consumption is about ~4000 / 8L so far. I have filled up twice when the DTE was ~1000 kms
  • 10,000 km first oil change service costed Rs. 8029 including wheel alignment and balancing
  • I am curious to see the performance of BS6 in high altitude areas like Umling La etc
  • Hoping to start another ownership thread with more detailed review. Dropping some pics here for now.


Priest performing pooja


Rural MH

1000 km service

Sabarmati River Front


Somewhere on Indore - Gwalior Highway

Jhansi Outskirts

Random Click

Purvanchal EW - One of the best roads I have driven so far.

Goa pilgrimage with its buddy!

10,000 km

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