Upsized tyres on my Seltos: Massive difference in comfort, grip & ride

My love affair with Michelin started when I switched to them in my Fiesta TDCi with a 195/60/R 14 back in 2006.

BHPian Bibendum90949 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I had switched to the very same set up mentioned here on day 2 after taking delivery of my Seltos, a diesel mill with AT box.

The tyre upgrade and upsize is something which I religiously do whenever new cars are bought and it's always been Michelins for me since 2006. My love affair with Michelins started when I switched to them in my Fiesta TDCi with a 195/60/R 14 back in 2006. Boy, how it transformed an already brilliant handler was a revelation of sorts.

Coming back to the Seltos, it was clear during my test drives that the stock Good Year Assurances had to go as soon as I get the car. Few months later when I happened to drive my friends' Seltoses with stock tyres, I could make out the massive difference in the comfort, grip and the much improved ride quality and the enormous confidence these wider Michelins provide on Seltos. I feel even the steering feels a tad heavier to my liking with these tyres.

It's a 100% worthwhile upgrade for the Seltos and worth every penny. Also glad to know, Michelin stocks are slowly coming back into the market. When the import restrictions and the resultant short supplies were at it's peak, I had to frantically hunt for a fifth tyre since I had only bought four of them during the upgrade. Eventually, I managed to find one and had to pay through the nose, was billed at ₹16,300/- including warranty.

Here's the Michelin Man(bibendum) adorning my dash and few pictures of my Seltos with the Michelins, 235/55/R 17.

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