USA: Honda recalls 9th-gen CR-Vs for faulty airbag inflation

Honda has recalled 1,18,598 models of the 2019 CR-V in the USA. The carmaker will replace steering wheel wire harness and the SRS cable reels in the affected cars.

According to Honda, the metal burrs on the inside surface of the steering wheel could cut the wiring inside. The cables connect the steering wheel controls and driver airbag. A cut could result in a short circuit leading to overheated steering wheel control circuits including the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) wire harness. This may lead to non functioning steering controls and horn button and could also lead to an unprompted deployment of the driver’s airbag in extreme cases. Currently, Honda is aware of 6 instances of airbag deployments, with 3 having injury claims. There have been no reports of any crashes due to this.

The parts and tools needed for the recall vehicles will be available in early June 2019. The replacement will be done free of charge.

The company has also recalled 19,000 Honda and Acura cars due to incorrect installation of the airbag inflator kit during the Takata inflator recall repairs. The airbags may not deploy during a crash, thereby increasing chances of injuries. It is reported that dealer technicians may have installed the replacement inflators incorrectly before May 2018. There have been no reports of accidental deployment in this case.

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