Used Maruti Alto 1.1 ownership: Part changes & upgrades made

The car is almost 20 years old and I do not wish to risk anything.

BHPian Vishnu Shaji recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The first immediate thing that I wanted to do was to change all the fluids and belts. The accessory belts & timing belts along with the water pump. I'm not sure whether it was changed anytime recently. The car has been almost 20 years old and I do not wish to risk the chance of the timing belt snapping while driving around. All parts were sourced from Boodmo.

Work in progress

V Belt, Part number: 95141M79F00

Water Pump Belt, Part Number: 17521M79F10

Water pump, Part number: 17400M53M02

Fresh out of the box!

Timing Belt, Part Number: 12761M84430

Valve cover gasket, Part number: 11189M79F30

Timing Belt Tensioner, Part number: 12810M76G20

The old timing belt was showing its age. I think this was never being changed. Good call!

Accessory belts too. They were already making squealing noises in cold starts.

The original water pump. It was not leaking however it's high time for retirement

The timing belt tensioner was bad. The bearing was making some noises. Good thing it was replaced on time.

The Holy F10D

The valve cover was leaking and was replaced. The engine looks varnishy as expected. Nothing serious to worry about.

Was checking NGK for an upgraded plug and to my surprise they had both Platinum and Iridium plugs available for this engine.

Went with the G-Power plugs as the price difference was too much between Iridium and G-power and I felt the G-power plugs are adequate enough.

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