Vehicle retail sales rise by 14.48% (YoY) in Aug 2021

According to the data released by the Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA), vehicle retail sales went up by 14.48% in August 2021, compared to the same month last year.

Until last year, demand was a challenge, but now, supply is becoming a bigger problem due to the shortage of semiconductors. It is said that for the first time, customers may not get lucrative schemes this festive season.

FADA expects to see a demand-supply mismatch in the PV segment and low demand for 2-wheelers.

Overall sales for the month of August 2021 stood at 13,84,711 units, compared to 12,09,550 units in August 2020. However, compared to August 2019, when 16,24,217 units were sold, total vehicle retails have fallen by 14.75%.

The tractor segment registered a growth of 5.50% in August 2021. 71,737 units were sold as opposed to 67,999 in August 2020.

Two-wheeler sales increased by 6.66% to 9,76,051 units from 9,15,126 units in August 2020.

Three-wheeler sales were up by 79.70% YoY. 30,410 units were sold compared to 16,923 units in August 2020.

Passenger vehicle sales increased by 38.71% compared to the previous year. 2,53,363 units were sold compared to 1,82,651 units in August 2020.

Commercial vehicle sales increased by 97.94%. 53,150 units were sold in August 2021 compared to 26,851 units in August 2020.

Team-BHP's detailed analysis of the August 2021 sales figures.

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