Views on Elevate's comfort, fuel economy, ergonomics after a test drive

I have also shared my opinions on the car's engine, handling, driveability and a couple of issues.

BHPian Phantom 510 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I would like to share my Honda Elevate MT test drive experience. It was a drive of around 7 kms which included bad traffic, bad roads and a bit of winding backroads.


  • Engine - The 1.5L i-VTEC is a gem, it's revvy, refined and extremely tractable. It would respond with enthusiasm from the word go and it felt lively enough. No waiting for the boost like in the turbo cars, just a pleasant linear response. And what was even more impressive was its tractability. It could pull from as low as 30 kmph in 5th and 15 kmph in 3rd gear with the A/C on. There was neither shuddering nor protest from the motor even with three people on board. The gear ratios for Elevate have been shortened and that certainly has made a difference. Tractability of the motor was very very impressive for me at least. This makes for a very relaxing car to drive in our chaotic Indian driving conditions with minimal gearshifts.
  • Ride/Handling- The ride quality (comfort over bad roads) and handling balance is spot on. It rode really well over the bad roads and was comfortable inside the cabin. It did not crash through potholes and ride quality was not jittery. On the handling front, it did quite well in spite of not being an outright sporty car. It maintained its line admirably well through a corner when hustled on a winding road (which is not at all recommended) with enthusiasm. The steering felt well weighted and was doing its job well.
  • Fuel efficiency- I reset the trip meter and fuel efficiency meter to zero at the beginning of the test drive. I got an average fuel efficiency of 14 kmpl (displayed) at the end of the test drive with A/C on throughout and the drive was a mix of 80% city traffic (a mix of bad to moderate traffic and some really bad patches) and 20% winding backroads (which had traffic too). I believe it should return 12- 13 kmpl during the city commutes (upshifting early) and an easy 17 kmpl plus is possible on highways if driven with restraint (75/80 kmph in 6th gear).
  • Ergos- Ergonomics were spot on and all the controls were within easy reach. The seats in the front and rear were comfortable, supportive and well-padded.
  • Visibility- Outside visibility is really superb with the entire bonnet being visible. One could place the car exactly where he/she wants to.
  • Ground clearance- The ground clearance is just amazing. It clears huge speed breakers with absolute ease and is very handy if someone has to tackle bad roads littered with craters.
  • Ease of driving- Responsive engine, light controls and excellent visibility make it a very easy car to drive.


  • Rear seat - The rear seat although a very nice place to be in sadly lacks headrests and a proper seatbelt for the middle occupant and that sticks out like a sore thumb to me. Honda should add a headrest and a proper seat belt soon for the middle occupant too. I don't get why car makers try to save money on things that matter.

N.B.- The observations during the test drive were personal and shouldn't influence anyone's buying decision. One should check out their shortlisted vehicles in person and go for a proper test drive (not 1 or 2 kms test drives) before putting their hard-earned money down, IMO.

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