Volkswagen Taigun 1.5 TSI DSG: Observations after a long highway drive

Ride comfort was excellent for all occupants and fatigue was minimal. Boot space was also quite adequate with space to spare.

BHPian PRS7 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Long drive experience on the Taigun 1.5 GT TSI dsg plus a quick trip blog:

Recently I did a drive from Hyderabad to Thrissur in my Taigun. The following are some of my observations about the vehicle and what new buyers could look forward to when they lay their hands on one. Will quickly mention other aspects of the trip that may interest some members.

Started the drive from Hyderabad at around 6AM with a tank filled with 40l of normal petrol. Hit the ORR and quickly moved on to NH44 and continued onwards BLR through the usual route of Jadcherla > Kurnool > Anantapur > Chikballapur > Devanahalli.

I took it steady with cruise control set at 90kmph during most stretches of this road. Though the car gave me confidence to cruise easily at 110 or 120, the frequent intersections on the highway, with it's uncomfortable rumble strips and precariously perched two wheelers, pedestrians waiting to dart in and out, gave me chills through out and I never dared to push it past 90. I found it stressful to go above 100 due to this.

I have to say there was a certain thrill whenever I pressed the resume button on the cruise control after each intersection slow down, to see the beast roar back to 90 pushing all occupants to our seats firmly with a sly grin on our faces.

I was sweltering all the way through as is expected in late April and the air conditioning was just effective. Ride comfort was excellent for all occupants and fatigue was minimal. Boot space was also quite adequate with space to spare.

Stopped at Food pyramid Kothakota for breakfast and AP02 DINE IN Anantapur for lunch. Both were satisfactory, but nothing great to mention.

Stayed at Aloft Whitefield for the night, which is a basic hotel of the Marriott group and I prefer it over others being a member and also due to the fact that it is relatively easier to skip the BLR traffic while coming in to it and also while leaving out the next morning driving into Hosur and onwards to Krishnagiri>Dharmapuri>Salem>Erode>CBE>Palakkad>Th rissur. Made sure to top up fuel in TN to take advantage of the lower prices. The difference is almost 7Rs per liter if you compare with Hyderabad.

The average kilometreage (new term coined by me, excuse me if you find it silly ) achieved was 17.8 for the complete trip on an average speed of 65kmph.
ACT worked perfectly while cruising and otherwise too but only on slopes and flats. The instantaneous returns were 30 to 35 kmpl whenever the car fired only on 2 cylinders. This has lead to me to the conclusion that this beast is a thoroughbred for the long haul on 6 lane divided carriageways. It doesn't quite like the city roads and expresses its discontentment by returning below 10kmpl at the hint of mediocre stretches and bumper to bumper traffic.

On a side note, I unintentionally hurt the egos of some drivers of wannabe SUVs (you know what I mean). When they underestimated the VW beast and tried to overtake, much to their dismay then, found out that it was a difficult task .Guess they will rejoice when and if I have a future DSG failure, which I pray to the almighty gods of the road may never come to be.

Since it is still early days for the Taigun on Indian roads, it surely grabbed eye balls all throughout the journey and it was very pleasing to be honest.

Looking forward to some memorable short trips within Kerala now.



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