Volvo India grants 6 month paid maternity leave to employees

Volvo India has increased the maternity leave window for its employees from 12 weeks to 6 months. This step has been taken in an attempt to enhance ease of working for women employees.

In addition to the 6 month period, there is also a provision for four weeks of additional leaves that women employees can opt for in case of maternity-related complications. This allows employees to take up to 180 days leave, without using their paid leave balance, or needing a sanction or approval. The new policy has been made applicable to all women currently on or those planning to go on maternity leave.

Additionally, Volvo is also providing counseling for new and expecting mothers, as well as flexible working options like work from home. Depending on their business requirements, women employees are also being given flexibility in working hours.

Volvo claims that it is the first automobile company in the country to launch such benefits for women employees. These steps have been taken to bring more women on board and retain existing employees.

Source: ET Auto

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