Vote for the Team-BHP Car of 2019!

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It's time to look back at the year and cast your vote for The Team-BHP Car of the Year. This is where YOU - the BHPian - will choose our car of 2019. The Team-BHP COTY is by car owners & enthusiasts, not advertorial experts & paid judges. Just as well since us car owners are the ones who pay the auto industry's bills .

Listed here are the launches of 2019. Also included are some relevant high-points on each car, along with the market's response to it.

  • The contenders have been sorted in a price-ascending order (cheapest first).
  • It's only ALL-NEW cars that are included in our COTY award. That excludes the "refreshed" headlamp & tail-light versions, facelifts and engine variants.
  • This is a public poll. Other BHPians will be able to see what car you have voted for.
  • Models costing over 55 - 60 lakh rupees, and many fully-imported-cars (CBUs), have been excluded from our COTY. 
  • Reason = Low relevance & commitment to the Indian marketplace.
  • The 2018 COTY.

As has always been the case, we insist there will only be ONE Team-BHP Car of the Year. Why? Simply because we don't believe in handing out an award for the "DRL of the year" or "handbrake of the year" (as examples). Some award ceremonies have 25 awards to ensure there's one for each car manufacturer (aka advertiser) in India. We have no such inclination, and will only focus on the best, most important new car of 2019.

Looking forward to your votes, and also the reasoning behind your choice. Thanks!

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