Want to buy a bike: Are there any affordable AT motorcycles on sale

I am in my mid 30's and have never learnt to ride a manual transmission motorcycle.

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Hello everyone.

I am in my mid 30's and have never learnt to ride a manual transmission motorcycle. But I want to own a full fledged bike.

Are there any reliable automatic transmission motorcycles costing less than 4L from a mainstream and reliable brand? EV or petrol.

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

Guys, if AT scooters are so popular (just look at the Activa's sales), surely there is a market for AT motorcycles? Why no choice in this? Untapped opportunity? Even the car market is moving to ATs in a big way.

Here's what BHPian Sebring had to say on the matter:

I suggest Yamaha AEROX. It has all the makings of a motorcycle with the convenience of AT.

Here's what BHPian condor had to say on the matter:

Thirties is not an age to think too much on this.

Start riding a geared motorcycle, and you will enjoy another 20 years of riding these beautiful machines. In due course, we will see gearless -a.k.a electric bikes from mainstream brands. Hire a bike if you can, and get the hang of riding a geared bike. Else get a used commuter bike for a few months and once you get the hang of it, get a better bike.

Aerox is fine, but I suggest the above as first option since you want to ride a motorbike.

Here's what BHPian mvadg had to say on the matter:

Motorcycles in other countries are typically of much higher power, and that's probably why manufacturers don't use the variator type transmissions on motorcycles. Honda came out with the Hondamatic years ago, but it didn't really sell too well (mostly because it was aimed at women riders in the US).

DCT transmissions can destabilize the motorcycle by shifting on a turn, so there are technical issues. But modern DCT control units seem to have fixed these problems.

Why no 100cc motorcycles in India with the same variator type transmissions that are on every scooter these days? Risky for any Indian manufacturer to test the waters. We will have to wait for demand in other markets before a successful model is launched in India. I'm sure it would not be too hard to retrofit an old 100cc m/c with an Activa transmission.

Just wait for the likes of Zero Motorcycles (electric) to set up shop in India.

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I know a couple if not more people who ride motorcycles and don't have a choice to drive a car because of traffic / cost and cannot ride an AT scooter because of bad roads, durability (it's all plastics & breaks easily) plus a bit poor economy compared to similar cubic capacity motorcycle. These commuters, ride the clutch use rear brakes & are generally not riders and they are in majority.

There should be a market for an AT commuter Motorcycle starting at 100cc till ~150cc. It just won't take off from the day of launch, but it sure should sell well in the long run.

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