Warranty on accessories: Crack developed on my Interceptor's flyscreen

Royal Enfield dealer team told me that any cracks that have appeared after the delivery cannot be covered under warranty.

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Royal Enfield claims to provide a 3-year warranty on the genuine motorcycle accessories purchased from them.

I got a wind visor along with my newly purchased Interceptor 650. But in a week, the visor developed cracks near one of the screws holding the visor to the mounting frame.

I wrote to their customer care but they directed me to contact the dealership itself. When escalated through the dealership, the SA informed that he has pursued the matter with RE internally through their system.

Weeks pass but no response. So I wrote back to customer care regarding the issue and this time they referred the issue to their sales team. A day later I got a call which looked like it was from the dealer team explaining to me that since the visor was crack-free (which I agree to, as even if the cracks were there or beginning to form they were perceptible) during delivery, any cracks later on, even self-developed, cannot be covered under warranty. So I simply replied that if an issue was developed with the engine which was not there during delivery would you deny the warranty there too? Then the caller had no answer.

My question to fellow BHPians is twofold. First, I am right in expecting a warranty for the above case? Second, has anybody claimed a warranty on Genuine motorcycle accessories of RE and if yes, what was the process?

Do note that on the website the terms and conditions of the warranty were not obvious and I couldn't locate them.

Here's what BHPian Mr.Boss had to say about the matter:

Only reason they could deny warranty is claiming this 'could' be a result of external impact.

Here's what BHPian Gordon had to say about the matter:

Ah, I feel for you, nothing sad about spending on a genuine accessory and then soon having an issue. I have bought a few genuine accessories and now trying to procure a visor as well.

  • Correct me if I am wrong - Isn't that a number plate attached also to the visor mounting? I don't think it's supposed to be mounted there. And that also looks like someone overtightened the bolt.
  • If yes, was the installation done by the dealership with the number plate?

Here's what BHPian sukiwa had to say about the matter:

You are right in expecting a warranty.

Don't recollect on Accessories although there was someone (hopefully neil.jericho) who persisted with replacement for RE apparel.

The dealer person would have overtightened the bolt pinching the plastic spacer too much to cause the crack.

On the warranty issue, RE would insist that the dealer should bear the cost as part damage has been caused by extra force of a dealer individual which the dealer may deduct from the individual's salary. Dealer can and will pass on the blame stating warranty claim got rejected by RE.

You should persist with the RE Regional Sales and Service manager to get the flyscreen/windscreen replaced.

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