Water pump problem in my Tata Nexon

They came back and said that since the service of my vehicle was delayed few months the extended warranty will not cover this.

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I am creating this thread to seek your opinion on a issue diagnosed by Tata Service center in my Tata Nexon XZ Diesel 2019 model.

I sent my car for servicing today and I notified low level of coolant to the SA. I got a call later from the SA that my car's water pump is faulty and has a leakage which is resulting in low coolant level. This part needs to be replaced and would cost me INR 6K. I told them that I had opted for extended warranty and this part should be covered in it. They came back and said that since the service of my vehicle was delayed few months the extended warranty will not cover this.

I told them the delay is due to Covid-19 lockdown and I have always serviced from a TSC and never taken my car elsewhere. Car has done a meagre 22K for 3rd service and whenever I have received a reminder call from TSC, I have sent it promptly to the service center.

What option do I have here? should I take this up with Tata Motors and take the vehicle back with a leaking water pump till this gets resolved or should I give in to the demands of service center?

In addition, the service is costing me INR 8K which includes oil change, air filter etc.

Any one using a Tata Nexon faced similar issue?

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Escalate in steps, jumping directly to TATA will spoil the relationship (at what ever level it may be).

Speak with Service manager, if that doesn't help escalate to TATA.

PS: I personally hate this argument of 'vehicle not serviced on time' as if they are inspecting the water pump during periodic maintenance.

Here's what BHPian gkveda had to say on the matter:

All service centers are taking advantage of covid impact of not servicing the vehicles as per regular schedule. There are many warranty claims getting rejected by giving same reason.

And looking at Tata doing this, I can't stop laughing. Irrespective of whether the car is serviced regularly or not, their parts keep failing multiple times. How does it matter whether the car is serviced regularly or not?

Coming to the subject, write to Tatas right now and get their buy-in. There was a service holiday declared for 2 months during covid peak. If your service was due at that time approximately, then you can put your point and ask them to replace under warranty. If not, legally you don't have a ground to fight for 6k. Just go ahead and get it repaired.

Here's what BHPian abhishek46 had to say on the matter:

Why should it take 7-8 days for a warranty approval?

Even the 'slow' VW approves warranty replacements in 1-2 days.

I think the Service center is trying to play around the bush.

You should escalate the matter to TML now.

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