Weird issue on my used Storme: Multiple error codes & no fix in sight

The SUV even lost power, with the engine shutting off at one point.

BHPian puneetakhouri recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

For folks who might not know, I bought a used Storme (2017) model recently. The vehicle has been very good and I really enjoy it.

Last weekend while returning from a party late at night, suddenly the ABS light, the check engine light and one more light came up on the console just a km away from my house. The engine sound suddenly became very loud and started sounding like a tractor. As the signal opened and we moved slightly ahead, just 100 m ahead the vehicle lost power and the engine shut down. We turned off the ignition switch and then tried again and the vehicle started and we were able to reach home. However the ABS and check engine light was constantly on.

The next day (Sunday) I dropped the vehicle at Wasan Motors Deonar, Mumbai. Since I had to leave for Bangalore for a week I told them to fix it and drop the vehicle at my home when it's done.

They started diagnosis on Tuesday and on putting in the OBD scanner they found the following issues.

The service advisor told me that seems like a wiring issue and they are trying to isolate the issue.

After a couple of days, they were unable to isolate the problem and so they cleared the errors and were trying out the vehicle. During short drives, the vehicle behaved normally but then the errors came up again with the engine vibrating with the check engine light coming on. And then sometime later the vibrations went away and also the check engine light also went away. So they are back to square one. Wanted to check with you what could be the issue. The new error codes found today are:

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