Went to see Innova Hycross in person: Hexa owner shares 10 observations

The plastic quality is a bummer for me & the doors felt very light. Cost cutting is quite evident.

BHPian vinodvayyat recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Went and saw Hycross at Ravindu Toyota.

My observations

  1. The windscreen is a lot smaller than my Hexa's. The wipers are of different sizes. The bigger one might be 22 inches perhaps. Smaller one is 14 or 16 inches.
  2. The dashboard depth towards the windshield is decent, but not very big.
  3. Plastic quality is a bummer for me. The lever of the middle row left passenger seat for forward-aft adjustment was already broken. Everyone in the showroom is currently using the lever behind the seat. On the RHS middle-row seat, I found the same mechanism very pleasant though. But as clear as daylight, cost cutting is evident.
  4. The battery below the front seats will definitely be a concern for taller people. But on the plus side, shorter people like me might enjoy it as a footrest. This might be used more frequently by people than the "Ottoman" gimmick.
  5. It seems that Toyota has focused a lot on making space for the rear row. The seats are very thin. This has made the seats a lot firmer than I desired.
  6. Middle-row captain seats have a huge forward-aft adjustment range.
  7. The doors feel very light.
  8. The sunroof controls are good - separate buttons given for the blinds and the glass roof.
  9. The rear camera and others in the 360 view set are of pathetic quality.
  10. The boot-loading floor is comfortably low. Look at the picture of my 4-year-old son standing in front of it. The rear row folds flat and almost horizontally. But the lack of a middle bench takes that advantage away a little. The luggage that you load might creep towards the middle row through the gap created by the captain seats.

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