What all happened on the 8th service of my Compass that cost me Rs 31K

I got this service done around 2K km earlier than the schedule & also got multiple issues fixed.

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Service @ 1,01,884 Km (8th Service)

During the last month, I felt that the NVH was harsh while idling. It was fine when on the move though. So, I decided to get this service done earlier than the schedule, it was around 2K Kms earlier from the 15K Kms schedule.

As usual, I booked the appointment @PPS Motors (Electronic City) for this Service. This service center is so swamped these days that it's difficult to get last-minute appointments. I was not much worried as I didn’t have any planned immediate drives coming.

On the appointment date, I was at PPS by 8:45 AM. There was a slight delay to start the work on the car as they were inaugurating 3 new bays on that day to cater to the crowd more efficiently. Once this was done, the job card was entered, and they took Scarlett to the service bay.

Scheduled maintenance work done

  • Engine Oil replacement
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Air filter replacement
  • AC filter replacement
  • Fuel filter replacement
  • A complete checkup

Oil being drained out and the fresh one being poured inside

Air filter was in a bad shape

Cabin filter

Wear and tear parts replacement

  • Front brake pads (First set was replaced at 51,205 Km and now the Second set at 1,01,884 Km)
  • Front brake disc (Replaced this for the first time at 1,01,884 Km)
  • The rear brake pads and discs are good and yet to be replaced.
  • Brake pads were almost gone and maybe I could have pushed for another 1-2K Kms or a little more.

  • The new disc, it's only after seeing the new disc I could realize how bad the old one was. The old one had an uneven surface.

Old Disc Vs the New one

Wheel lugnuts

I got rid of these troublesome cap-model lugnuts. It was becoming a pain every time the tyres need to be removed for wheel balancing. At least 2-3 used to get stuck. So, I got this replaced with the normal ones which are standard in the BS6 Compass. This cost me 2600/-

Here is the pic after fitting the new black wheel lugnuts. I prefer the one which matches the alloy colour but now they have this black one only.

Dashboard rattling issue fix

This time I was able to replicate the rattling noise that was coming from the dashboard side. Most of the time it was coming while driving in the 2nd-3rd gear. They removed the defogger trim and pasted 3M tape behind it and fitted it back. After this, I have driven around 50 Kms and this issue didn't occur anymore. Hope it stays this way.

Intermittent issue while turning on the headlights

Whenever I turn on the headlight, only one gets turned on (either left or right). If I turn it off and then turn it on again by giving some force on the switch, both lights will get turned on. This issue was due to the relay and it required a replacement. Hence got this replaced under the extended warranty and I am awaiting approval.

The standard warranty ended unused except for the 2-3 wheel lugnuts which were replaced under warranty and now this is the first claim under extended warranty.

Humming noise from steering (Intermittent)

I started noticing this recently, at sharp turns when the steering returns to the normal position, it returns with a very mild humming sound. I am not sure if this is an issue, or if it is normal. I raised this concern with the technician, but I couldn't replicate this issue despite multiple attempts. So, I will have to monitor this further.

Clutch & suspension parts

All is good so far and there was no replacement of parts required.

Overall bill

  • The normal scheduled work costs 14,989 /-
  • Front Brake Pads and Brake Discs cost 16,172/-
  • Total Bill: 31,161 /-

After this service, the engine is smooth and NVH has come down. Going forward, if required I will get the service done every 10-12K Kms range.

Service experience & PPS

They did very good work and I have no complaints. I normally stay out of any extras apart from the standard scheduled work and I did the same this time as well. It is crowded these days and I hope that the 3 new service bays help to reduce the congestion. Also, the Citroen service will be moving to a different place in HAL.

Here is the pic of the bumper lip, despite numerous hits it is still intact

Fiat, Jeep and Citroen getting serviced, all in one frame

Wheel alignment/balancing @ Madhus

There was a slight vibration on the steering at speeds above 100-110. So, I got the WA/WB done at Madhus. They had to force-match one of the wheels. As usual, they did a clean job and after this, the vibration disappeared.

Some random pics

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