Why a BMW 320d owner decided to bring home a Thar petrol 4x4 AT

This 4x4 SUV accompanies my BMW 320d and Maruti SX4 in my garage.

BHPian Dr.AD recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

After following this thread for a long time, and closely seeing the off-roading adventures of some of my close friends who own a Thar, I decided to buy a Thar for myself. Thanks a lot to my close friend @robimahanta for both inspiration to buy a Thar and for helping with the booking and the purchase process.

This thread has an immense amount of knowledge, and thanks to everyone here for helping me learn about this car. Although I have been reading this thread all the time, this is my first post here, and from now on, hoping to contribute here.

I booked my Thar on April 15, 2023, and took delivery yesterday, May 09, 2023. I got the Thar faster than I expected. I got the car from Sireesh Auto, near Silk Board in Bangalore. The whole experience with Sireesh Auto, right from test drives to booking, then to PDI, payment and delivery, was absolutely fantastic! Everything went smoothly and pleasantly. I am really impressed by the attitude of the staff there, they were both professional and polite. Overall, this was one of the smoothest car-buying experiences for me.

I know these are very early days, but so far, totally impressed by the Mahindra sales team. I would give them 10 out of 10!

By the way, my Thar is manufactured in April 2023 and is a BS6.2-compliant vehicle.

Regarding the car, there is nothing much I can add here. This thread has everything covered. Besides, I did not even get a chance to drive that car yet, apart from bringing it home last night from the dealership. And of course, did not get a chance to take any photos yet.

Sharing just a couple of pictures of my Thar from the delivery time.

Choosing the colour: I always loved the Mystic Copper shade that the Thar had. I used to tell my friends that if I ever buy a Thar, that would be my choice. But unfortunately, that colour got discontinued already, and it was not available for me. I usually like red cars, but I did not want a red Thar only because I already have a red car (my red BMW 320d) and I did not want to own two red cars at the same time. So just to get a different look from my other red car, I decided to choose Napoli Black for the Thar. But to be honest, this was never my first choice of colour for Thar. That first choice of colour was always Mystic Copper.

This Thar will now accompany my BMW 320d and Maruti SX4 in my garage. I am quite happy with my garage now. BMW 320d is a great car for highway drives and corner-craving fun, and Thar will complement that with its off-roading abilities and abilities to reach those remote locations and hilly viewpoints where the BMW might require a bit of extra care. I plan to use both cars to the fullest, and hoping to share more Thar stories soon.

That is all for now. Will keep sharing updates when I get a chance to actually use the Thar for its intended purposes.

Once again thanks to everyone here for sharing so much valuable information and their experiences! Those are very valuable for a new buyer like me!

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