Why does my Hyundai Creta keep dying on me randomly

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It feels like there is no power inside the car as if the vehicle has frozen. It occurs only when the engine is off.

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I've been experiencing a strange issue with my car that has happened four times now. Here's what's been going on.

  • After unlocking the car and getting inside, I follow the regular procedure to start the car by pushing the start button while pressing the brake pedal.
  • When I try to start the engine, there is a brief 0.3-0.5 second crank to start, but then everything stops. It feels like there is no power inside the car as if the car has frozen.
  • The first time this happened, I was able to resolve it by opening and closing the driver's door several times. After doing this, power was restored to the car and it started normally.
  • However, the second and third time it happened, opening and closing the door didn't work. I then tried disconnecting and reconnecting the battery after opening the bonnet, but that didn't resolve the issue either. I ended up waiting for 10-15 minutes, after which the problem resolved itself and power returned to the car, allowing it to start.
  • This issue occurs only when the engine is off.
  • Can't blame the battery as when the current comes to the car again, the car starts easily.

This problem started after the 10,000 km service of the car, during which the ASC was having trouble updating the car.

Does anybody have faced this issue in Creta? How this can be resolved?

Solution Update

Called Hyundai RSA, the person came on a scooter with various tools and an extra battery.

He found the left side nut of the battery loose and tightened it. As the left side nuts are under the cover I can't see them, so I focused only on the right side nuts.

That person told me that as per his experience, generally service centre workers carelessly don't tight back the nuts after the work.

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