Why Fortuner is a better buy than Innova Hycross, though its 10L more

My XUV500 has better quality plastics than this, even felt the Glanza's plastics were much better.

BHPian mangoadmi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Had a look at the ZX at Nandi Toyota on Friday. My observations:


  • Looks great from the front and rear.
  • Amazing Colors: The Sapphire Black looks brilliant
  • Driver Seat is very comfortable. Makes life easier with all the bells and whistles.

While I wait to drive the car, the real cons, which are more or fewer deal breakers for me are:

  • Quality of Plastics: My XUV 500 was way way better, at half the price. Matter of fact, there was a Glanza that was parked in the showroom and the plastics on that were much better. Clicked some pictures of the same.
  • The Lever to open the bonnet: My 1999 Santro had a better quality lever. Not that I open the bonnet every day, but in colloquial Kannada, this is called "Tagadu Dabbasi"
  • Ottoman Seats: Useless - I am not 6"; At 5"7' I will never be able to use them at full support. Legs get stuck below the driver's seat.
  • Rear Seats: Old Innova and Crysta possibly had better seats. 3 People could easily sit. This effectively is a 6-seater. The last seat is not for 3 people. Extremely difficult to rest the head on the headrest with 3 people in the 3rd row. The under-thigh support will not really help in long-distance journeys.
  • The Lights in the cabin: My 2013 XUV-500 had all LED lights. Going back to normal bulbs!! Cost cutting is needed - But to this level?


I think except for the engine, (Which I haven't really experienced, My XUV 500 was way better than this. I am possibly moving out of this and going for the Fortuner even though that is a big stretch financially. A stretch of 10L is better than rueing with a car that you don't like for the next 10 years!

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