Why Hyundai replaced my Verna's Coolant Reservoir Hose under warranty

The SA told me that it’s being changed on all cars that come for service irrespective of any issue reported. I am assuming there is an official recall for the same.

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Got the 10k service done on my car today. The overall cost came to 5k. Shell Helix Ultra AH 0w30 API SP/C Full synthetic engine oil was billed. Also got the wheel alignment done at the service centre because ever since I got the wheel alignment done at Madhus the car has been pulling to the left. I was told by the SA that steering calibration has to be done post-alignment. Hence asked them to do the alignment and calibration. The left pulling has been resolved now.

Few issues reported

I reported the overheating issue that I faced a few weeks back. They found no issues with the car but apparently, the hose connecting to the coolant reservoir is troublesome and they have placed an order for the part to replace the same under warranty.

Another issue I have been facing since is slight vibrations when braking at high speeds. They told me they would replace the disc and pads under warranty. But again they did not have parts to service the same. I was asked to keep the car for a day because they wanted to check with other service centres for the parts. But today I got a call and they told me it's not available anywhere and they would place an order for it and I was asked to take the car back.

I don't understand why Hyundai service centres don't have parts like these in stock. I am in Bangalore and not some tier 2 or tier 3 city. Comparing my experience with Ford they had parts well stocked all the time and replacements were always a breeze. In 6+ years of ownership, I've never faced an issue where I had to take my car and return it to the service centre for repair. And this is even after their exit. Last December I got the steering rack of my Figo replaced within a day and they had the part in stock with them.


Coolant reservoir hose replacement is apparently being done on all cars due to a potential bulging issue. Got mine replaced today along with the brake discs and pads.

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Is there any official recall from Hyundai? Where should I check this?

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I don’t have the exact details. But I assume there is a QC-related issue and there’s an official recall. On enquiring about the hose replacement that was done on my car with the SA, he mentioned it’s being changed on all cars that come for service irrespective of any issue reported. You can probably check with your service advisor and enquire about the same.

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Thanks and I did just that by pinging on my Whatsapp group, which they had created at the time of first service.

Mine is the SX(O) DCT

Here's what BHPian blackbandit replied:

Mine is SX(O) DCT as well. Again I am just conveying what my SA mentioned. I don't really have the exact details if it is for a particular batch or variant. I have attached the details of the exact part that was replaced. The SA mentioned that this was a mandatory part replacement being done on all vehicles as of date and not diagnosis-based. Again I am just quoting what I heard from the SA.

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