Why I canceled my Toyota Hyryder booking even though I wanted to buy it

My wife was annoyed & the whole dealership experience left a sour note, so much so that she hated the car.

BHPian ZSFury recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I finally pulled the plug on my Hyryder strong hybrid purchase owing to the horrible sales experience I experienced with Ravindu Toyota Rajajinagar Bangalore.

I pre-booked the vehicle on 20th July 2022 via Toyota's website post confirming with the helpline that I would be able to cancel for a full refund if I am not happy post test drive.

The next day I got a call from a sales executive at Ravindu Toyota, I asked to provide details of my booking. Strangely enough, the booking experience was weird, I did not receive a booking reference number and had no way to track my booking status online.

There was then radio silence with regard to the launch and availability of the car for a test drive for the next couple of months.

On 3rd Oct I received a message from the sales representative stating that the car would be unveiled in the showroom and that I could visit them for a Test drive. I booked a time slot with the sales representative and went to the showroom to check the vehicle out.

My wife and I were made to wait for an hour and a half, without even being offered a bottle of water or being explained anything about the car on the shop floor. There was utter chaos with the test drives with people randomly jumping the line. I had to go find the sales representative and follow up multiple times to get the vehicle for a test drive.

I finally managed to get the car for a test drive and by this time there were many disgruntled customers owing to the horrible management of Team Ravindu. Owing to this I was allowed to drive the car for less than 0.5 kms. My wife was annoyed and the whole experience left a sour note, so much so that she hated the vehicle.

I reached out to the CRM and outlined my experience post which they sent the vehicle home for a longer test drive. This test drive went well and I was convinced on buying the car. I was promised delivery by 1st week of Oct.

Once again there was radio silence from the dealership, I followed up 2nd week of Oct and was told I had to wait till Nov 1st week which then was revised to Dec 1st week. I followed up again this time I was told that they could allot a red V strong hybrid variant instead of my ordered dual-tone red and black variant. The horrible salesperson was recommending that I take delivery of the single-tone Red variant and get it wrapped in black. Their accounts team started hounding me with calls to obtain a loan from their guy even after I declined stating I had a prequalified loan and didn't need their services. Especially when they didn't even have a vehicle allotted.

I finally decided that I didn't want to do any business with them any more and decided to cancel my booking. To cancel I was asked to go in person to the dealership and provide a letter and a cancelled cheque. I printed a letter at home and signed it and took it to the dealer who was now demanding that I handwrite the letter instead of providing them with the one I had typed and taken a printout of. I asked the sales rep to take a hike and asked him to process the refund.

I will never ever do business with Ravindu Toyota ever!

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