Why I cancelled my booking for the MG Astor

The Astor is a very good package but even after putting Rs. 20 lakh, I am not getting the "big" upgrade from my current 2017 Hyundai Elite i20.

BHPian manpreetsj recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I have withdrawn my booking for the Astor and requested a refund. I had blocked the Astor just to spend some time to think over it (and be sure I'm not falling for FOMO!).

Reasons (personal; may not be relevant to you. Still sharing as some of us have been discussing this topic since launch):

Even though the Astor is a very good package for what an average Indian car buyer would need [premium interior, sporty looks, black exterior paint (rare these days), average turbo engine, etc.], still even after putting 20L on the table, I am not getting the "big" upgrade from current 2017 Elite i20.

  • The wheelbase is almost identical, hence, inside space is the same
  • The boot is maybe 25% larger than i20, at best
  • Features like a cooled glovebox, sunglass holder available in the i20 are missing in the Astor
  • Prefer physical control for AC in the i20
  • NA engine has better power delivery at the low end vs. turbo lag (getting used to it)
  • The only BIG upside in the Astor is the safety it offers over the 3-star-rated elite i20 (with body rated as unstable; just like Seltos! Cousins after all). I do value this point!

Misses on common segment features like ventilated seats (leather seats in DNCR!), AD IRVM, etc. Most likely reserved for late 2022 mild update (the way it was done for Hector this Jan).

The Hector is a better VFM in front of the Astor, given the additional space and comfort it offers (though it has its own challenges of body roll & non-enthusiastic/underpowered petrol Turbo CVT). We had plans to change the booking to Hector for what it offers. But then, considering the shortcomings of its engine, we are not sure about it as well.

The whole chip shortage & waiting game to know allocation and then wait for the car to be delivered has anyway taken away the fun from it.

Hence, we have decided to wait till March-April to restart the suitable car identification process. Yes, the car that will make me pull out a cheque with excitement & not just be a mere minimal upgrade for namesake.

Looking forward to the ownership reviews of the Astor in the coming months! All the best! Cheers.

Here's what BHPian Aviator_guy had to say about the matter:

Very valid and rational thoughts. You have done the right thing and glad that you didn't fall for FOMO. I also felt that the Astor's shape and size don't give a feel of a significant upgrade (if one is already driving an i20 or sedan) and the price tag doesn't help either.

Here's what BHPian abhiram. had to say about the matter:

I would also like to share my booking and cancellation experience with MG Astor.

So, the Astor got me really excited. The premium interior, a decent turbo engine, 5-star safety rating (well, at least for the platform), drive assist systems and a price tag that I could afford. I watched and read all the content available on YouTube and Team-BHP forums and made up my mind to book the car.

I made the booking online with help of a sales associate at MG for Turbo Sharp (O) variant on 21/10/21. I should mention, she was extremely courteous and patient with all my questions and my speed of decision making. I made multiple requests for test driving the vehicle another time, but the vehicle could not be arranged for reasons best known to them. I checked for an update on the booking status and test drive on 22nd, 24th and 25th and there was absolute silence. This really confused me. I also noticed fellow BHPians on this thread facing similar issues. I stopped following up and nobody got back to me either.

In the meanwhile, I went to test drive the T-Roc (after a million requests to 2 dealerships). Only after driving this car I actually understood what did I really want from a car that I am going to be driving for the next 8-10 years. I had been wanting to buy the T-Roc all along but the removal of assist systems and increased price (2021) kept contemplating for a long long time. The combination of the 1.5 TSI with DSG was an absolute winner for me. This made me book the T-Roc and cancel the Astor.

On 29/10/21 - I called up the sales associate at MG and she was again very respectful of my request for cancellation. She then informed me that the vehicle from the first batch had been allotted to me and I could have taken the delivery on the 10th of November.

Saying that, I do feel the Astor is a terrific value for money product and in case I am in the market to purchase a second car in the coming years I would definitely consider it.

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