Why I decided not to buy the Innova Hycross after seeing it in person

I personally like understated designs and the Crysta still appeals to me more than Hycross, trying hard to look like an SUV.

BHPian greenoval recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Checked out the display car today at Madhuban Toyota. I had booked the car on launch day but now that I have seen it in the flesh, I may not go ahead with the purchase. The major reason is the overall length of this car. From the specs, I was well aware that Hycross is longer than the current Innova. But the display car helped fathom the real presence. The hybrid may trump the diesel Crysta in city driving conditions but Hycross will be one cumbersome car to manoeuvre within city limits. The car definitely is a good choice for those who are chauffeur driven (I am not!) and big families. The Crysta parked outside seemed to strike the right balance between practicality and dimensions. Hycross is under-tyred compared to the overall dimensions and the tyre profile seems too low for a car of this size. How it will fare in real-world driving conditions and broken roads is unknown!

Also, this car is sub-par for a Rs 40 lakh vehicle (the estimated price for the top variant) though it has all creature comforts. The showroom was buzzing with people, so there is interest and the Toyota badge is a trump card. The key sales pitch at the showroom is the salesmen claimed mileage of 24 km/l (wasn't it 21 as per Toyota!). Actual sales post-initial euphoria will be interesting to watch. As far as the overall looks go, I personally like understated designs and the Crysta still appeals to me more than Hycross, trying hard to look like an SUV. The side profile and tyres can't hide the fact that it is an MPV (though overall the design language should appeal to the majority). I expect diesel Crysta prices to hold up well.

A picture to give an idea of the length of Hycross and the puny tyres.

Here's what BHPian vinodvayyat had to say on the matter:

Thanks for the update. The length is a little more than Crysta but a little less than Tata Hexa. It has a bit more height compared to Hexa - but that will translate into much more headroom even with a sunroof considering the fact that the platform is lower than Body-on-Frame. With EPS, I think it will be much better than my Hexa to manoeuvre around in City. Tyres are definitely an issue I feel. The R19 experiment in Hexa had failed miserably with 55 profiles (I downsized mine to R16 stock tyres) - so R18 with 50 profiles is definitely a concern - agree 100% with that observation.

Here's what BHPian One had to say on the matter:

Have a feeling this will be easier to drive in the city as compared to Crysta considering it has EPS - much like Endeavour which is huge but within the city, it is easily manoeuvrable.

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