Why I sold my Skoda Rapid even after spending Rs 2 lakh on DSG repair

I got my car after almost 2 months & paid Rs 1,94,520 for the repair as there was no discount or goodwill offered.

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I have taken delivery of my Rapid after almost 2 months in March 2022. The final bill came up to Rs. 1,94,520. There was no discount or goodwill offered.

Vehicle has never returned to normal condition even after performing base settings and software updates a few times in the last 6 months. Acceleration was very sluggish and observed heavy jerking between downshifts and loud noise when rapid deceleration from D5 to D4.

I have SOLD the vehicle as I have lost patience and peace of mind. The vehicle's clutch values have fallen drastically within 3000 kms of driving and I was looking at one more dual clutch failure.

Sold the vehicle to OLX Autos after evaluating Spinny. I have lost the 2L spent on the repair as none of the used car aggregators was ready to consider that in the offer and they have calculated based on the general depreciation and age.

Here's what BHPian ASHUJNMC had to say about the matter:

I have always felt that giving your money to VSAG was like playing Russian roulette.

This has strengthened that belief even more. At least good riddance.

Now hopefully you will keep yourself and your loved ones away from VSAG cars, and will recommend it to someone you secretly hate.

Jokes aside I hope your next car experience goes much better.

Here's what BHPian F150 had to say about the matter:

That is a very sad end to the ownership experience. My Skoda Rapid TDi DSG is in its 7th year of ownership. It will be 8 years old next year with 32K kms on the ODO. Reading about your experience is making me very jittery.

All, should I be worried and replace the vehicle before it fails or continue till the fairy tale lasts? Please advise.

Here's what BHPian monte_carlo had to say about the matter:

OMG. Is this a common issue with the VW and Skoda TDI engines? How about the TSI ones?

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