Why I think my XUV 500 W6 is better equipped than my XUV 700 AX5

The XUV 5OO was much better equipped in many aspects (despite being cheaper by almost 8-9 Lakhs).

BHPian naveenchillar recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I own AX5 D AT 7-Seater and there is no CC available in this particular model. Besides this, I personally felt that AX5 models are actually Value for Money because Ax7 & beyond would have more Electronics and all of us know how M&M works. Drove XUV 5OO for a decade and I know how it was when it comes to electronics/ sensors.

However, I was also amazed to see that there is no CC. It was available a decade back in my W6. Infact, 5OO was much better in many aspects (despite being cheaper by almost 8-9 Lakhs).

Key Differences (W6 vs AX5 D AT 7-Seater):

  1. Cruise Control as we are already discussing.
  2. Storage Space was bigger in W6, atleast 25-30% based on my experience. Side bottle holder area is so big that it simply wastes valuable space.
  3. Boot space isn't that deep, as compared to W6. Earlier, we could vertically place a big suitcase and it used to remain just below the middle row's height. It isn't the same now. It actually surpasses the middle row's headrest.
  4. Front Seat's rear seat used to have that storage area (sort of net where people can store some files/ papers/ cell phones). There is no such provision in AX5.
  5. There is a considerable gap between Steering & front door. You can't place your elbow on either the surface where Power Window Buttons are there, nor where your glass area is. Very frustrating for long drives. It was so painful for my elbow when I drove from Dehradun to Manali last week that I need to keep a small cushion below my elbow so that it doesn't remain airborne.
  6. Reverse Camera: Though even W6 didn't used to have one in it. However, these things can be easily done from aftermarket or even M&M is supplying them.
  7. No option of Flat Bed. My kids have been traveling with us for long drives and were super happy with Flat Bed. However, in this case there is quite a gap between middle row and last row when put down. Infact, we had to insert 5-6 cushions in the gap so that it somehow becomes smooth.
  8. Middle Row Space: floor was absolute flat in W6 and there was no protruding AC Vents in middle as well.
  9. 12V Charger: Imagine how someone would use Air Compressor by inserting in Third Row 12V socket.

Every forum/ YouTube channel would tell you the Positives but only those who use these vehicles for long can tell you the actual situation.

Not saying that it is a bad vehicle. I am super happy when it comes to Engine smoothness & power. However, there are certain things that I would like to highlight here because I have used W6 for 10 years before I bought my AX5. Everyone is aware about how good the current segment is, no point discussing them again and again.

Hope I am able to clear some air !

Read BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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