Why I won't buy a German luxury car in India: 5 points by Pajero owner

Even though I can afford a Rs 60 lakh+ German car in the near future, I have booked a Mahindra Scorpio N 4x4 AT as my second/family car.

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My POV for not buying a German Luxury Car

  1. They don't inspire enough confidence (reliability-wise) to have it as your only car/primary car and many people including myself don't like to maintain more cars than we need to.
  2. USP of German cars is their dynamic abilities, but nowadays you can't enjoy them A. in city limits due to traffic, B. On major expressways due to speed guns, C. on the other highways due to the poor road conditions of most of these roads at least in MH. So, there are very few places to enjoy the abilities of these cars and this becomes a not-so-desirable proposition, especially considering the amount of money we loose in buying and owning these cars.
  3. If we are looking for luxury cars, we are better off buying Japanese brands which give more reliable and resultant longer service life compared to the Germans. For example, I will buy a Camry Hybrid over C/A4 any day or a Vellfire if I am looking for a Rs 1 Cr car with luxury intentions.
  4. Buying a luxury brand for Snob Value is no more a motivation as it was decades ago, as almost every apartment complex/colony has a few such cars - at least in the metro cities.
  5. Value-Conscious Market: Indian market is value conscious and not price-conscious, and if these Germans want to sell more, they just need to manufacture their cars (at least a few popular models) here to make them a good Value For Money proposition. I am sure people will lap up their cars if manufactured and priced this way.

So, in my case, looking at the situation above:

  • I am continuing to use my 2013 Pajero Sport which is still performing perfectly fine and reliably for its age, even though I can afford a Rs 60L+ German car in the near future.
  • I have booked a Scorpio N 4x4 AT as my second/family car at home which will provide me with some additional features like AT and six airbags that my PS lacks.
  • I will consider buying a powerful pre-owned German car (mostly from Porsche/BMW) in the future to satiate the Petrolhead/Driver inside me.

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