Why the Jimny is a keeper: Enjoyable ownership experience after 6200 km

Have managed a max fuel efficiency figure of 16.8 km/l on the Mysore e-way.

BHPian jkrishnakj recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I’m at 6200 km. 2 services are done. I can’t add much beyond what others have written. Clearly, from a user's perspective, I’m enjoying the Jimny much more than the other cars in the garage. I have gone on drives in excess of 400 km one way and I’ve never had a back issue thigh pain or knee ache. And no, my passenger's shoulders didn’t rub my shoulders even once. I’ve never felt cramped inside.

I have taken my Jimny on some really tough off-road trails. It’s running stock. No changes were made to anything. Haven’t felt the need yet.

I am so used to it that I don’t even feel the lag. I have perhaps become a ‘pro’ at using the overdrive ‘off’ button when I need to for overtakes on the highway. It does need a getting used to for sure.

I’ve done spirited drives, off-roads, sedate drives, and long distances. I’ve managed to even extract 16.8 mileage once on a 110 km drive on the Mysore e-way. The MID now shows 11.8 as an average since my purchase.

Inside the city, the missus enjoys it. The drive and parking is easy for her. What she doesn’t enjoy is the attention and questions that keep coming from many on the road about its cost and what’s this car and what’s the mileage etc etc.

When I owned the Thar, not once did she want to take it off-road. But with this, she somehow fancies going off. Both being beginners to off-roads, we enjoy the comforts and the ease at which it crosses obstacles.

Suspension and ride comfort, to my mind, is excellent as well.

I for one feel that a Thar comparison isn’t a right one. Buyers perceive the values of either of the cars differently.

The Jimmy can be a second car. It can be a third. It can surely be the Primary car too. It somehow has this ability to be either and still keep you happy.

Do the discounts make me sad - hell yes. What do I do to get rid of that feel - easy, just pick the Jimny keys and head out. I absolutely enjoy it and I already feel that it’s a ‘keeper’ and it’s going to be with me forever.

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