Why my brand new Tata Nexon EV Max has turned out to be a headache

Out of 1 month of ownership, the car has already spent 7 days in the service center.

BHPian sachinshastry recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

We brought home a headache worth 19 lakhs!

Took delivery of our Nexon EV Max XZ+ 3.3 kW on December 1st from Adishakti Cars, Shivamogga.

Initial impressions were good. But then started the problems.

A/C Issue

On the second day of driving, I noticed that the car has issues with the A/C unit. Irrespective of the temperature I set, it would just keep blowing air at the least temperature setting. Also the heater would not turn on upon setting the temperature to highest setting, similar to what Route66 is facing. Out of 1 month of ownership, the car has already spent 7 days in the service center. Since the EV team at the dealership is very new, they have still not been able to diagnose the issue. They are swapping each parts with a demo car to figure out the problematic area. But seeing all the parts of a brand new car being removed hurts . Upon that, we don't know how many more days will this take to get resolved. Only positive aspect here is that the service team has been very helpful in the process.

Charging box defect

The Legrand charging box provided with the car is defective. There is a hole mismatch which prevents the final cover to be installed.

The Tata power person who had come for installation from Bengaluru (since there are no Tata power personal based in Shivamogga) asked me to get in touch with the sales team to get a replacement box and promised to install it in the next visit. At first, I escalated the issue to the sales team at the dealership. I waited for 10 days and after getting no response, escalated the issue to Tata motors. As soon as I did this, the dealership felt the heat and they started responding. Initially Tata motors did well with the escalations and just in couple of days, the dealership gave me a temporary box of a Tigor EV which is due for delivery in January 2023. Tata motors then escalated it to Legrand and then washed its hands off. The Legrand person is of the opinion that since the box are machined to precision, there are no chances of such misalignment and he is instructing the Tata power person to somehow fix the existing defective box . Since then I am receiving no response from Legrand too. There is radio silence from everyone. Writing follow up mails has become a daily task, but only to receive no response. Again I am forced to go back to the dealership as the Tigor EV box that they have provided is of a different model than that provided for the Max. Only positive side is that I am not going to return the Tigor box until they give me a new one for Nexon. They will be under pressure to get one as the box that I have is to be handed over to the Tigor EV customer during delivery. Currently, the charging box stands half installed with all the wires exposed and open to theft of electricity.

Keeping aside these issues, the car is good overall. Have driven around 2200 km till now within a month, majority on the highway. If not for the time spent in the service center, it would have been more We are constantly getting around 300 to 310 km of range when driven upto 80 kmph. Upon driving at 90 kmph we got around 280km and it reduced to 270km when driven at 100 kmph, of course without A/C. Unable to test the range with A/C due to the defect. Impressive thing was that it gave us around 313km of range when we drove to and fro via the Agumbe ghat (One of the steepest and narrowest ghats in Karnataka) with 5 people on board. In the city, I am getting range upto 330 to 340 km. But the service we are receiving after paying 19 lakhs, is shadowing all the good things. Due to the issues with the A/C, I am forced to drive with windows down on the highway. Seeing all this, I am feeling like we have bought home a "headache". It was our dream to own an EV since a decade. Lack of practical options made us wait till now. When everything was set and it was finally time for one, Tata has successfully turned our dream into a nightmare !

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