XUV700 goes in for its 3rd free service: 2 years & 8,000 km update

Hopefully, the DPF/Regen frequency also comes down after this engine oil change and the v4 lives up to its glowing recommendations.

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Took a slot at BR Balaji ASC on Tuesday, 23rd April, to avail of Icarus's 3rd Free Service. Running has come drastically down since the 2nd Free last year (less than 2,900 kms in almost 11 and half months, not flattering at all) which doesn't do any justice to the mighty M. Hopefully I can do something about this soon.

Reached the dealership at 11 AM that day. The dealership had re-hired their old CoTek as their new Service Manager and he was quite warm and cordial while receiving me. We had huge thunderstorms and continuous rains last Saturday which had conked off the power lines for almost 36 hours, so they were jampacked with vehicles pending from Saturday and Monday. Still, they had given me a slot and were very prompt in attending to Icarus as soon as I reached there. Brownie points to BR Balaji ASC for this.

An SA came over and noted down my list of jobs (other than the usual 3rd Free Service routine) - Wipers, AC & air filters to be changed, DEF top-up with 6 litres, underbody & tyres check, brakes cleaning and lifespan check, battery health check and engine oil to be changed to Ultra v4. Icarus was up on the ASC's dedicated 7OO service ramp in no time.

I asked the dealership's insurance team to meet me because the online renewal quote from TATA AIG this year (for an IDV of 13.72 lakhs with Zero Dep, Return to Invoice, Engine Protection & Consumables) was nearing a staggering 42,000 bucks!

Since I have no experience with the former, and the Balaji dealership vouched for Iffco Tokio as their most trusted company in terms of claim settlements, I went with the latter. They raised the IDV to a smidge under 14L (on my demand) for almost the same premium (31,303/-), with Return to Invoice, Zero Dep & Consumables as add-ons. Not sure which quotient for 2nd-year renewal has increased this year - I am guessing that the Own Damage premium & Zero Dep add-on have seen a significant hike.

Last year, they poured the regular Ultra engine oil (in the yellow can) into Icarus since v4 wasn't available. I wasn't told about this until after they had started pouring it into the engine back then. So, this year, I was adamant that they showed me the Ultra v4 engine oil before anything.

Their inventory showed plenty of stock but the team managing their parts store couldn't find it! I was shown a can of 4 litres manufactured in August 2023 (Shell) as the only available Ultra v4 with them. They initially said they had 1L cans as well, which they couldn't find even after 2 whole hours of searching!

Wipers and filters were changed by then, and brake cleaning was on while the new Ultra v4 can (manufactured in March 2024) reached Icarus. The brakes were given a huge thumbs up by the service guy attending to my 7OO, and the battery health check showed "Good". Overall, all good.

The rest of the jobs went by smoothly, and they took my 7OO to the washing area by 4:30 PM. They had placed the older wipers, Air/AC filters, the now-empty v4 can & the DEF fluid canister in the boot. I politely asked them to remove everything except the 2 cans, which they obliged.

The final bill came up to 6,994/-, and I was out of the dealership by 5:40 PM.

Gave "Happy" & "Satisfied" replies on WhatsApp to the overall service experience, which made the feedback team extremely happy. Why not? They thoroughly deserved it, although their spare parts store team needs plenty of tightening up regarding inventory management.

I feel that the mHawk has become a bit more silent and the engine response has improved slightly since then. Haven't yet tested the Zip mode so it's too early to comment if the v4 engine oil will change any characteristic of the city-exclusive mode yet. If you remember, the Zip mode had become sluggish since they poured the normal Ultra last year. I have been driving in the default Zap mode since then. Will test out the Zip mode extensively and come back to the report. Hopefully, the DPF/Regen frequency also comes down after this engine oil change and the v4 lives up to its glowing recommendations.

BTW, there's a new software update for the AdrenoX system - version 10.32.81 for the AX7L. For all other variants, it will be 10.32.82. I am told it has new map updates and several bug fixes and is a recommended patch. My ASC didn't have it in their system on that day so I haven't updated yet. Shall head in for this most probably next week, and then report back.

ODO reading is now at 8,102 kms.

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