XUV700 ownership riddled with issues: Multiple problems over 10 months

If Mahindra doesn’t give a fix to the issues the thought of moving to another vehicle is going to grow on me.

BHPian zeus_700 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Yesterday during a 3 kilometres drive to reach the house the blank screen happened 5 times. It comes after a ding sort of notification sound and immediately both screens go blank and it takes 5 seconds to return to normalcy. When it comes back the instrument cluster always stays at Drive Info, wherein I always keep the instrument cluster option with fuel info.

This issue I have noticed occasionally (Maybe two or three times every month) when the car is in switched off condition and having seated in the car or during unlocking the car and opening the boot when suddenly some thud sounds start in the speakers and stop in less than 10 seconds. When I switch the ignition again the cluster will show drive info instead of my normal setting of fuel info and the fuel statistics also gets reset. Have reported this case already to service centre folks and the answer I got was should be some OTA updates.

The more serious issue of the blank screen during driving which occurred 5 times yesterday is after the CarPlay update which was done on 28 September. When this happened I was on calls and the person at the other end said he can hear some bursting crackers sort of sounds (loud thuds).

Now coming to CarPlay itself, it’s nothing short of a dismal update.

Issues faced so far have been listed below:

  1. Disconnects often
  2. Screen becomes unresponsive. If you touch any button it’s dead.
  3. Disconnection happens both in wired and wireless modes. Please note I use the original Apple charging cable only.
  4. Songs crack up while playing and it resumes normally after an eternity.
  5. Frequent popping up of “error establishing a connection with CarPlay” message.

Other issues faced so far in 10 months of ownership:

  1. On Day 1 after taking delivery both the screens went blank and got fixed on their own.
  2. Adrenox started to slow down 6 months into ownership, even a command like pressing the phone button on the steering wheel the called list will display after 40 seconds. Reported this to the service centre and as usual, they brushed it off by saying it requires a software update. After the update matters worsened. Can’t even explain the mess after that software update such as the connectivity issues.
  3. Football in the boot from 2 months into ownership.
  4. Creaking noise from broken discs/pads while moving from a standstill. Mine is an Automatic variant and service folks said all automatic vehicles are like this. Though I know it’s not the case I didn’t want to pursue this further as there is no point in talking to them.
  5. The biggest issue is the service centre staff and their attitude. They are very unresponsive and know zilch about this vehicle. I have had so poor customer service from AMPL Guindy, Chennai and have moved with Zulaikha. At least they are responsive so far. Gave them the vehicle for 2nd service at 10k kilometres and CarPlay was updated by them.

Things which I am happy about:

  1. Everything apart from those two screens on the dashboard.

My vehicle is AX5 D AT and has done 11.3k kilometres.

The way forward - Keeping fingers crossed and expecting Mahindra to give a robust fix to these issues. If Mahindra doesn’t give a fix to the issues the thought of moving to another vehicle is going to grow on me. I am getting into my mid-40s and have put my hard-earned money of 2.1 million rupees into this. At this stage of my life would I want to do that? Well, we’ll see what the future holds.

Here's what BHPian Tanmay007 had to say on the matter:

Pretty sure you have a faulty silver box, push the service centre for replacement. I've had the car for close to 6 months now and the blank screen issue occurred just 1 time during the initial days. I have never seen it again.

The CarPlay disconnections could have several reasons, the primary being an overheated iPhone or an older model. Another reason might be the wifi radio in the car itself (which is again related to the silver box).

I'm sorry to hear about infotainment-related issues but know that these are not normal and there are customers like me for whom the system works fairly well.

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