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Tech Stuff

What to do if your Engine Overheats


This guide is intended for the regular joe (99% of motorists out there) who faces an overheating engine on the road. While it's best to immediately visit a service station in this situation, the following diagnostics & remedies should come handy if you are far away from help.

No matter how modern or reliable your car, overheating isn't an uncommon occurrence. Excessive heat can completely destroy your engine, hence it's important to take the right decisions when the temperature needle swings into the red.

Team-BHP lists below the most probable causes of engine overheating. The points are listed in order of occurrence (most frequent first). Do note that troubleshooting an overheating engine is far simpler in cars that are equipped with a temperature gauge. Some modern cars only have an “overheating” warning sign that makes it difficult to gauge the effectiveness of remedial action.

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