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Smile My Formula 1 Experience in Europe (2010-2011)

24 Cars at the starting grid. Sitting a few metres away from the track. Have been this close to the track before but now i have a roof covering me. The roar of these cars at full throttle raring to go is deafening and a threat to the hearing of the drivers and the audience, alike. Its time I put my ear plugs. The team members are cleared of the track. The drivers are left alone with their machines.


And it begins.

And this is how it all ended.

This was me witnessing my second Formula 1 race live, the 2011 Hungarian Grand Prix officially known as Eni Magyar Nagydíj.

The last weekend of July 2011, I was close to 2 years away from getting my Team BHP membership approval. Now that I am a part of the team, here I am sharing my experience of watching the Formula 1 races live. In 2010, it was the Spa-Francorchamps. In 2011, it was Hugaroring.

Sincere request to all the readers, please ignore the Time stamp on the photos, the dates are wrong though the time mentioned is correct. Will be low on texts and let the pictures do the talking.

The Hungarian GP

31 July 2011 was the race day. Now most of us know that every F1 races are held on Sundays. Practice 1 & 2 takes place on Fridays, followed by Practice 3 and the qualifying round on Saturdays. We reached Budapest on Friday, and missed the Practice 1 & 2 sessions.900 kms drive took longer than expected.

Nearing Budapest, had to wait till the next day to follow this sign.

Name:  4.jpg
Views: 604
Size:  51.9 KB

Headed towards the City Center

Name:  3.jpg
Views: 604
Size:  62.7 KB

Hungarian GP is 4.381 Kms in length in which drivers cover distance of 306 Kms in 70 laps.To make the race more excited I had the ticket to the following stand.

Name:  2.jpg
Views: 605
Size:  87.9 KB

The Track Layout

Name:  1.jpg
Views: 653
Size:  104.7 KB

Image Source: http://www.formula1.com/races/in_detail/hungary_903/

Saturday: Practice 3 And Qualifying

Made it sure to reach on time. Before congestion, and long queues of cars waiting for the Security check and Parking.


Name:  5.jpg
Views: 588
Size:  50.0 KB

Inching towards the Circuit

Name:  6.jpg
Views: 565
Size:  112.2 KB

Makes me feel PROUD

Name:  7.jpg
Views: 610
Size:  67.5 KB

F1 Village

Name:  8.jpg
Views: 577
Size:  100.7 KB

Ferrari Merchandise

Name:  9.jpg
Views: 577
Size:  117.9 KB

Seated. Right opposite to the Ferrari's Garage.

Name:  10.jpg
Views: 573
Size:  91.3 KB

The Mature and The Aggressive

Name:  11.jpg
Views: 581
Size:  98.9 KB

Millennium Tower

Name:  12.jpg
Views: 587
Size:  103.8 KB

The Bulls

Name:  13.jpg
Views: 560
Size:  108.4 KB

Practice 3 Underway, this could be Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button.

Name:  14.jpg
Views: 540
Size:  101.4 KB

The Force Indian Car driven by Adrian Sutil. Qualified in the Top 10.

Name:  15.jpg
Views: 609
Size:  83.5 KB

The Pirelli F1 Car on Display

Name:  16.jpg
Views: 570
Size:  64.1 KB

The Village crowded by Fans

Name:  17.jpg
Views: 553
Size:  133.3 KB

Red Bull Mercandise

Name:  18.jpg
Views: 548
Size:  105.7 KB

Starts getting cloudy

Name:  19.jpg
Views: 567
Size:  80.5 KB

Closer Look at Hamilton's Garage

Name:  20.jpg
Views: 571
Size:  74.1 KB

Closer look at the Ferrari's

Name:  21.jpg
Views: 544
Size:  90.7 KB

The Legend

Name:  22.jpg
Views: 552
Size:  78.4 KB

The Championship Leader

Name:  23.jpg
Views: 549
Size:  98.4 KB

Only 3 will make it to this place

Name:  24.jpg
Views: 559
Size:  99.9 KB

The Big Screen or should I say Live Telecast on ESPN/Starsports

Name:  25.jpg
Views: 567
Size:  99.8 KB

The Indian Way

Name:  26.jpg
Views: 545
Size:  86.9 KB

Who let the bulls out?

Name:  27.jpg
Views: 547
Size:  76.8 KB

There goes the Mclaren Mercedes

Name:  28.jpg
Views: 555
Size:  81.7 KB

To be Continued: The Qualifying Results and Race Day.
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Smile Re: My Formula 1 Experience in Europe(2010-2011)

He Qualifies for the 1st Position, Sebastian Vettel

Name:  29.jpg
Views: 386
Size:  92.4 KB

The 2nd Position goes to Lewis Hamilton

Name:  30.jpg
Views: 402
Size:  95.3 KB

He waves to his team mates

Name:  31.jpg
Views: 394
Size:  101.5 KB

They all celebrate

Name:  32.jpg
Views: 400
Size:  106.1 KB

Jenson Button joins the celebration as he qualifies for the 3rd Position

Name:  33.jpg
Views: 396
Size:  100.9 KB

The one that ensures safety

Name:  34.jpg
Views: 412
Size:  96.8 KB

The Polish fans did miss Robert Kubica

Name:  35.jpg
Views: 428
Size:  98.2 KB

The Qualifying results can be seen here : http://www.formula1.com/results/season/2011/859/6883/

The Race Day

Name:  36.jpg
Views: 388
Size:  109.2 KB

This is how they transport

Name:  37.jpg
Views: 416
Size:  94.6 KB

She is ready to fly

Name:  38.jpg
Views: 378
Size:  86.4 KB

Preparation for the Driver's Parade

Name:  39.jpg
Views: 416
Size:  116.8 KB

The Red Carpet

Name:  40.jpg
Views: 395
Size:  124.0 KB

All aboard

Name:  41.jpg
Views: 379
Size:  98.8 KB

They wave to their fans

Name:  42.jpg
Views: 403
Size:  96.9 KB

Some shots from the big screen. Lewis Hamilton

Name:  42_1.jpg
Views: 356
Size:  63.0 KB

Jenson Button

Name:  42_2.jpg
Views: 380
Size:  58.0 KB

Micheal Schumacher. Mark Webber seen behind.

Name:  42_3.jpg
Views: 338
Size:  57.9 KB

Something's Missing

Name:  43.jpg
Views: 398
Size:  90.1 KB

As they prepare

Name:  44.jpg
Views: 387
Size:  78.7 KB

Name:  45.jpg
Views: 368
Size:  80.2 KB

Now its Complete

Name:  46.jpg
Views: 377
Size:  94.6 KB

Lets do this

Name:  47.jpg
Views: 388
Size:  82.8 KB

Last minute check up

Name:  48.jpg
Views: 380
Size:  100.7 KB

The starting grid

Name:  49.jpg
Views: 391
Size:  137.0 KB

Final Moments before the race

Name:  50.jpg
Views: 360
Size:  124.9 KB

To be Continued: Race day,followed by few memories from Spa-Franchorchamps.

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Smile Re: My Formula 1 Experience in Europe(2010-2011)

Fans enjoying themselves in the Background while the Mclaren makes its way the starting grid

Name:  51.jpg
Views: 359
Size:  101.2 KB

This was one was LOUD

Name:  57.jpg
Views: 389
Size:  86.0 KB

Some more last minute preparation

Name:  58.jpg
Views: 382
Size:  92.5 KB


My Formula 1 Experience in Europe (2010-2011)-59.jpg

They wait and watch

Name:  60.jpg
Views: 376
Size:  81.5 KB

And pray for him

Name:  50_1.jpg
Views: 375
Size:  81.9 KB

Nick Heidfeld has a close shave

Name:  52.jpg
Views: 377
Size:  63.9 KB

Name:  53.jpg
Views: 360
Size:  64.3 KB

Pit Stop

Name:  54.jpg
Views: 372
Size:  78.8 KB

That's for Button

Name:  55.jpg
Views: 344
Size:  61.5 KB

And this for Alonso

Name:  56.jpg
Views: 374
Size:  67.5 KB

And at the end only one winner emerges and this time it is Jenson Button

Name:  63.jpg
Views: 366
Size:  59.0 KB

3rd Place goes to Alonso

Name:  62.jpg
Views: 362
Size:  71.2 KB

Vettel Finishes 2nd

Name:  64.jpg
Views: 364
Size:  73.6 KB

Walk on the Circuit

Name:  65.jpg
Views: 359
Size:  84.7 KB

Closer look at the Force India F1 Car

Name:  66.jpg
Views: 380
Size:  68.7 KB

Desi Sponsors

Name:  67.jpg
Views: 405
Size:  73.9 KB

The Red Bull F1 car

Name:  68.jpg
Views: 388
Size:  110.0 KB

Force India Mercedes

Name:  70.jpg
Views: 393
Size:  93.1 KB

This is what these machines are capable of

Name:  71.jpg
Views: 361
Size:  134.5 KB

This brings us to the finish of the Hungarian GP

Name:  72.jpg
Views: 378
Size:  103.1 KB

The Race result can be seen here : http://www.formula1.com/results/season/2011/859/6885/

I did not try to capture cars during the race. I am not a professional when it comes to photography. Tried, but they were too fast to capture.

To be continued: Spa-Francorchamps

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Default Re: My Formula 1 Experience in Europe(2010-2011)

Spa Francorchamps 2010

The circuit is 7 kms in length and covers 308 Kms in 44 laps. I was so thrilled to see the Spa-Francorchamps. Its spread over a Hilly region , and it is said to be very notorious. The track at some stretch can be wet and at some can be dry. Have a look at it.

This time I was the part of the general entry

Name:  133.jpg
Views: 380
Size:  100.6 KB
Image source : http://www.formula1.com/races/in_detail/belgium_904/

Its a long walk from the parking

Name:  126.jpg
Views: 339
Size:  62.3 KB

Its not a steady surface

Name:  113.jpg
Views: 349
Size:  111.1 KB

But its an Incline

Name:  114.jpg
Views: 343
Size:  83.7 KB

Its always good to see the Indian Flag

Name:  112.jpg
Views: 339
Size:  49.6 KB

The Red Bull F1 Car on Display

Name:  116.jpg
Views: 343
Size:  142.1 KB

Britishers cheer for Hamilton

Name:  101.jpg
Views: 350
Size:  100.8 KB

Drivers Parade. Micheal Schumacher.

Name:  102.jpg
Views: 338
Size:  89.9 KB

Mclaren going down the Hill

Name:  103.jpg
Views: 350
Size:  113.3 KB

The Bull going strong

Name:  104.jpg
Views: 350
Size:  74.9 KB

Robert Kubica in his Renault

Name:  105.jpg
Views: 347
Size:  111.1 KB

Name:  106.jpg
Views: 337
Size:  108.4 KB

Lewis Hamilton

Name:  107.jpg
Views: 332
Size:  102.3 KB

Vitaly Petrov meets with an accident

Name:  108.jpg
Views: 349
Size:  114.2 KB

Ferrari down the hill

Name:  109.jpg
Views: 328
Size:  101.4 KB

Petrov's Renault

Name:  110.jpg
Views: 306
Size:  97.6 KB

This is how they enjoy

Name:  115.jpg
Views: 316
Size:  89.3 KB

Force India

Name:  117.jpg
Views: 337
Size:  103.6 KB

They are seen together

Name:  118.jpg
Views: 354
Size:  75.8 KB

G Force

Name:  119.jpg
Views: 306
Size:  90.9 KB

Petrov on way back to the Garage

Name:  120.jpg
Views: 267
Size:  141.4 KB

My best try to capture them

Name:  121.jpg
Views: 269
Size:  105.3 KB

The Big Screen to keep you updated

Name:  122.jpg
Views: 269
Size:  76.3 KB

Force India catching up

Name:  123.jpg
Views: 275
Size:  110.1 KB

One More attempt as they zoom by

Name:  124.jpg
Views: 282
Size:  106.8 KB

Scenic Spa

Name:  125.jpg
Views: 253
Size:  84.9 KB

The results of the race can be seen here : http://www.formula1.com/results/season/2010/836/

That is all I had to share.All in all it was a wonderful experience.Hope pictures did all the talking.

Looking forward to my first Indian GP experience later in the year.

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Default Re: My Formula 1 Experience in Europe (2010-2011)

Thread moved to Motorsports. Thanks for sharing!
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