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Default Bypassing the AIS on a FZ16

AIS = air induction system

Some back ground. I have recently started rebuilding a burnt down FZ. the burning was the result of a domestic dispute in the former owners family and nothing to do with the bike itself.

I basically picked up a chassis (with the front forks and handle bars attached) , an intact engine, wheels, tyres (which had melted plastic flowing onto it so they will be replaced) and the rear stay and the front caliper and disk still attached for a steal.

I had ordered a complete set of body panels / rubber parts / screws through a distributor in TN. but received the consignment short of some parts.

after 2 months of reordering parts i am still short of the AIS filter and the related plumbing. there were so many parts that the main delaers and distributors han not even ordered yet as they apparently never WEAR OUT and were never asked for by customers.

So my question is whether it is feasible to bypass the ais on the bike. in the last week or so when i realised that i am not going to get a hold of this part in chennai or TN itself i started doing some research on this.

While i havent seen any tech info on the AIS bit on the FZ or any other 150's available in india, a lot of info is available on disabling it on bigger bikes. there are also reversible kits for when you need to take it in for an emission test.

So i suppose what i am asking is if anyone else has played around with the AIS on the FZ? Wanted to ask as i couldn't find any other resource regarding it. also while the plumbing for ais on fz seems similar to the bigger bikes's photos online, from the looks of the diagrams in the parts catalog that is. I really have no idea how to bypass or block this on the FZ cause the usual plumbing was cut off by the mechanic that stripped the bike originally and the box of odd and ends that he sent along do not have the assorted AIS bits. :(

the easiest blocking technique on the net is to stick a big ball bearing down the rubber hose, but there is no rubber hose in my FZ in that position.

does anyone know of any technique to bypass the AIS temporarily when the parts dont exist? because i have the assorted parts and AIS filter on order and would like to put them on and have the bike run stock again. and then stick a ball bearing down the rubber tube so i can remove it before a PUC test. This is ofcourse because i want to be able to ride the bike, since i dont know when i will get the parts. The whole process of getting all the body parts and rubber and other plastic bits has already taken over 2 months.

i want to get this baby on the road asap.
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Default Re: Bypassing the AIS on a FZ16

Hmmm. If you dont have the hose, get a RX135 powerbox pipe. That should fit.

Once you got it, cut a small piece, then take a huge bolt which will go inside and sit snugly. Generously apply fevibond and screw in the bolt. That should block the pipe for good. There will not be any problems with the bike with the same blovked.
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Default Re: Bypassing the AIS on a FZ16

I havent got a chance of tinkering with an FZ yet, but i suppose maybe i can help if you post some pics. I have experience workin on pulsars,and zma and all bikes run on same scientific principles.

From what i could understand from your post, you are short of plumbing for the airbox [ a black box with a filter in it]. it has generally two pipes going in...one connects it to the carburetor, and the other to crank case ventilation pipe. are you unable to find these pipes? please elaborate, possibly with a picture.

also cannot understand why are you trying to block it off [ i mean if you block it, how will the air flow into the engine]. Please elaborate, possibly with a picture.
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Default Re: Bypassing the AIS on a FZ16

I will take pics of what is and isnt and upload them on monday. What i am missing is i suppose what you call the air box itself or what i referred to as the AIS unit (atleast thats what the parts catalog calls it) and both the pipes, well there is a little of the metal pipe still remaining.

Why i am trying to bypass it is because i dont have the parts yet and no one in chennai or all of tamil nadu had replacement parts for it. i dunno how long the dealers will take to get me the few parts remaining. the bike is sitting at the mechanics work shop for over 2 months waiting for parts and i am just a lil impatient to get it running and on the road, even if it is with a few things missing.

My main concern is to not have the mechanic do some thing in blocking it that becomes permanent or costs me a lot more in undoing when i do receive the airbox and assorted plumbing and try to fit it. apologies as my first post may have been unclear.

WRT the rubber hose my first alternative also was the 135's powerbox hose but the power box hose is thicker and stiffer than the one on the FZ. but all of that is on order so i am hoping to get the right parts albeit a lil late.
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Default Re: AIS ?

Bearing ball, Rubber hose, PUC test
Seems this' about blocking off "Air injection" meant for emission control?
named Pav/ Pcv/ secondary air injection, whatever the mfr prefers. If yes, generally you may have to block off at two points- pulse tube connection at intake manifold area & air injection pipe at exhaust port area, i'm discounting the unavailable clean air filter box. post a pic.
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Default Re: Bypassing the AIS on a FZ16

Bypassing the AIS is really easy . My FZ is running without AIS from 2 years for about 10000kms till now , i have had no problems till now . Its simple , on top of the head there is a hole where the AIS mounts , just fabricate a block off plate and bolt it . The connection on the air filter box also has to be blocked off but any menas (i have used a huge bolt) .

What you feel difference after bypassing the AIS is you will feel a little increase in midrange , a little bloackage in initial (barely noticable) & engine feels a little rough after revs of 4000RPM .
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Default Re: Bypassing the AIS on a FZ16

Apologies for coming back to this so late. By the time i reached the mechanic to take pictures he had closed up the bike and said it was all working fine.

But obviously im replying with more info cause it aint fine. I keep hearing noises every few minutes (incontinently) like gas escaping. The mech insists its a electrical problem leading to a misfire but when i left the bike with him he kept it for a week and did not do anything to troubleshoot it. Suffice to say i wont be going back to him anymore. I decided to open up the tank enclosure myself so i could take the photos and post them here for your help. There seem some inconsistencies that i would like help clearing up.

Bypassing the AIS on a FZ16-15102011133-2-.jpg

So as you can see the two marks. the one on the right leads to the metal pipe that i am assuming leads to the AIS filter. this seems to have been capped with a bolt. the circle on the left is a nozzle which is coming out of the head and has a rubber hose which connects to the air filter box. dunno what that is or if it should be there.

Bypassing the AIS on a FZ16-15102011136-2-.jpg

In the image of the air filter box the top opening is connecting to the nozzle coming out of the back of the cylinder head (indicated as the box on the left of the first picture). there is another hose on the side or so which is just basically sealed on the other end, the sealed end is sitting somewhere on top of the cylinder head and is seen dangling on the side of the first picture. there is a plastic cap on a nozzle at the bottom which i assume the mech assumed to be the point where the exhaust from the AIS filter enters the air filter enclosure.

Bypassing the AIS on a FZ16-15102011137-2-.jpg

I've noticed that in the indicated position on the inside of the left engine air scoop in other FZ's that i have seen there is another hose that sits there. which is obviously missing on my bike.

I ran the engine for several minutes with the tank panels and side shields off to see if i could locate where the air leaking kind of noise was coming from but it just did not occur during that time.

Would appreciate any help with fixing this. The bike runs mostly okay apart from the frequent loss of pressure in the tires (need to get the wheels fixed if possible or replace them, ive noticed the edges of the alloys are bent) but only returns about 25 km to a litre even with mostly sedate riding. :(
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