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Old 22nd June 2007, 11:15   #16
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LOLS..... Khaadu's reply was the funniest of all...and right at the point.

Me no going to big Bazaar, or subhiksha, MOM and wifey still go the old school way, Local Bhaji wala's and brainstorming bargains. For other stuffs like medicines, juices, chocolates, biscuits we visit just one store near the house, which infact is just a phone call away.

Following this tradition at home from past 24 years , so no chance of thinking of any other store for consumer products. .
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Old 22nd June 2007, 11:50   #17
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its true that mrp's do change.i have seen the same product with different mrps.(different batches) most of the time they update this to their benefit.

when you go for monthly shopping of gorceries,its difficult to check the whole bill before payment.the guy at the billing counter will also be in a hurry.

all big stores have higher margins on the products in comparison to a small store they do make more by these kind of malpractices.
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Old 22nd June 2007, 11:58   #18
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Talking of Big Bazaar, and its malpractices...
Never venture to buy steel utensils from there. They sell you stuff claiming to be branded stuff, and trust me they are horrible. Most of them, atleast.

Clothes from BB? Go in if you want something which looks like you are wearing a sack over yourself. Ill-fitting, and what not.

Not saying that everything there is bad. But its more of the bad.
Billing experience is scary to say the least. Long queues and to understand that bill, you need to clear the CAT test.
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Old 22nd June 2007, 12:52   #19
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She gets excess amount back!
Bangalore, DH News Service:

Within 16 hours of publishing a report titled, 'She buys less, pays more', Sandra Sridhar is all smiles.

The Food World outlet in Kalyan Nagar III Block returned the excess amount swiped from her debit card. Sandra had purchased groceries worth Rs 1,075. While paying through the card, the counter girl had swiped twice - for Rs 1,075 and Rs 10,775. She also informed Sandra about the “goof-up” and promised to rectify it the next day. However, that never happened. On enquiring, the outlet staff said it was “not their fault” and she had to “check with the bank”.

On Thursday, Sandra was called and handed Rs 10,775 in cash, a bouquet and a gift wrapped along with an apology card.
Deccan Herald - She gets excess amount back!

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Old 29th November 2007, 18:57   #20
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Bad news for Bigbazaar

Kishore Biyani-run Future Group Company Pantaloon Retail India Ltd (PRIL) is facing a number of legal cases including those related to adulteration of food items at its store chain Big Bazaar.
As many as eight cases under the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954 (PFAA) and Standards of Weights and Measures (Packaged Commodities) Rules are going on.
In addition, 15 other cases for alleged offences like twice swiping of debit card and misuse of trademark of other entities are pending against PRIL, the DRHP adds.
The company and its directors are also facing charges for violation of weights and measures rules at Big Bazaar premises at Thane.
Source: Pantaloon's big bazaar facing food adulteration charges- Retailing-Services-News By Industry-News-The Economic Times
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Old 29th November 2007, 19:57   #21
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Thumbs up Spar Hypermart?

Any bad experiences with Spar Hypermarket ?
This is super Mall is on Bannerghatta Rd next to Maruti Showroom.
Wifey is all ga-ga over it. Wait till i show this thread to her.

Meanwhile, i'll check the next bill and let you know result.
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Old 29th November 2007, 23:00   #22
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Big bazaar is big chor!
I frequently visit BB on OMR(since I go there to fill in my fuel-Shell). Grosseries & rice there are the only thing worth buying, and we do just that. Other stuffs anyway they sell at MRP, so why buy from there?
But in that also, everytime, i have found some or the other mistake(mostly overcharging) in there bills.
I have learnt to get the bill, and stay there and go thru the whole bill before leaving the counter.
I believe that if you can come out uncheated from this place 10 times, your 6th sence would have got enough stimulation to tackle any quacks in this world

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Old 30th November 2007, 00:11   #23
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interesting. normally we found BB to be only honest. we found mistakes in subhiksha, reliance retail and even spencers

and this is over twice a month shopping at BB since the sahara mall one opened!!!
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Old 30th November 2007, 00:11   #24
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It Is not the fault of BB but the fact is that the guys on the floor who dont update the prices in the system Kishore biyani actually dosent make any money, its the IT system that is really rotten. Dont ask me how i know this i just do. Actually there a lot of times that if customer goes shopping on a thrursday he will still get the offers that were running on the wednesday bazzar discount!!!
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Old 17th January 2010, 12:33   #25
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Default Big Bazaar and the Art of Making Money

Big Bazaar has several branches in Hyderabad. They do brisk business in their stores. Some weeks ago they introduced a scheme called Wednesday Bazaar. Buy goodies worth Rs. 149 and you get a kilo of potato and tomato free. They also offer some discount on almost all the merchandise in the store on that day.

A friend of mine who is regular at the Big Bazaar narrates that at one of their stores that he visited last Wednesday, he had an unpleasant experience. He picked up a packet of basmati rice that was advertised with a huge discount along with several other things. After paying the bill amount he noticed that the store had charged him more than that was mentioned at the shelf. Immediately he brought it to the notice of the staff and the manager who appeared at the scene explains away, rather apologetically, that the error was due to the mistake in the data entry that was done at Mumbai! My friend was paid back the difference forthwith.

After he reached home, he had a good look at the cash memo once again and to his shock notices an amount added under Children Fund. He had no clue what this fund was all about. When he contacted the store, the explanation given was still more amusing. They support some charity and if the customer agrees, they charge that specific amount that will be given to the charity. My friend said he was not asked about the donation. The reply: the cashier is a new recruit and forgot to fulfil the formality of seeking permission from the customer!

Even I was subject to their capricious billing. On several occasions when my wife and I bought things from Big Bazaar, she noticed anomalies in the billing. Since she has a keen eye, she called their attention to these errors and they most obligingly corrected them.

If you look the scenario closely, you'll notice that most customers do not check the cash memo and simply pay the money. Imagine the income Big Bazaar is making through these innocuous looking errors.

Are they the only ones resorting to such practices? Were you a prey to their deception?
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Old 17th January 2010, 12:50   #26
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I hate shopping at BIG Bazaar. Their offers and free stuffs are just an eye-wash.

Once i bought some Sunfeast 'Golden Bakery' biscuits. There was an offer like "Buy 2, take 3". I bought that and to my horror, when i opened the pack at home, all the biscuits were bad. They were moist and powdery. No wonder they gave offers on it to push it off their shelves.This was at the Big Bazaar near Forum mall, bangalore.

Another incident i would recall. This was at the Big Bazaar near ITPL, Bangalore. I had picked up a puff and a Tetra pack of flavoured milk in their food bazaar's section. I paid the bill and had the puff. I wiped my hands with tissue and threw both the tissue and the bill into the dustbin there.(Mind you, the bill was only for the puffs and milk) Then, for some reason i had to go back to the floor below. I went there and since i had not finished the shopping, came back up to the same floor.

I was walking around looking for things, when i see a smart lady , whispering something into the ear's of another guy. This guy and this smart lady walk up to me and ask for the bill. I said that i just now bought it and even the guy at the counter knows that i had paid for this. For a moment, i was helpless. I was fiddling for the bill in all my pockets when i realised that i disposed it along with the tissue. I walked to the dustbin, taking those two smarties along, promptly picked up the bill, and threw it to them and walked away.The rest of my day was spoilt.

I took a vow that i would never visit Big Bazaar again.
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Old 17th January 2010, 13:02   #27
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They are absolute robbers.

Their bill is so confusing, you'd rather not look at it. And they will hand you over the bill only once you have paid.

Spencer's is far far better.
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Old 17th January 2010, 13:09   #28
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These retail stores look like make money from errors only, few days back I was checking the bill and I was shocked to see abnormally high price of biscuit, when I checked its name, it was not the brand of biscuit which I actually bought. Sometimes if I forget to check the free goodies offered with product, they never care to give it themselves.
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Old 17th January 2010, 13:24   #29
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Default Bad Quality

The quality of most of the products sold in Big Bazaar is pathetic.

My wife bought a couple of sarees to gift to her mom and MIL. The sarees tore in 3 weeks, and they seemed to shred!

On another occasion, I purchased Dates (branded) from there. On reaching home and opening the pack, I found a lot of insects inside the packet! I wonder and where they store it! the insects could have easily spread to many other items!

I wonder how people buy bag full of stuff from that place.
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Old 17th January 2010, 13:30   #30
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My opinion on all these retail outlets, that includes Big Bazaar, More, Reliance, Heritage Fresh are that they cannot decorate, have A/C working through out, recruit several staffs, sell things for less than MRP (assuming), without charging us & still make profit. On any day I still prefer shopping at local "Kirana" stores where I can buy same things at much lower price or the same.

If all these outlets claim they're copying Walmart's strategy, then, I expect less people loittering (in the name of staff) around, less freebies, less advertisements & instead focus really on hearing customer needs.
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