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Old 20th September 2008, 02:22   #1
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Default Endeavour reviews

I Test-Drove Endeavour today and found it quit nice to drive [slow pickup et al however]. Can anyone please throw light on Endeavour and whether its a good choice to buy or not ?
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Which model? the 110bhp one?
If its the old one then it should be very cheap.
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Isn't the hide pretty harsh. I rode in one a few days back and sure did not like it too much.
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Isn't 110bhp for that monstrous-size truck under-cutting it by a long way ? That kind of power is right for my 1850 kg Sumo or the Scorp.
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Old 20th September 2008, 09:18   #5
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the suspension is crap! And I believe the new version is no different either.
however you could switch over to wider rubber of a reputed brand that is softer. This could help resolve the problem to an extent.
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Endeavour is a very old model & based on dated ladder on chassis frame. People are buying it because of no choice in the segment.
It is good to drive & has loads of street presence, but ride quality specially at the rear is poor. Also, the legroom in rear & 3rd row seats is severely compromised due to high floor height, with a result one sits in a crouched position.
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the 1st version of the endeavour can feel underpowered. but the 2.5 litre endy is fast for an SUV 0-100 in 13.8 secs, with some astonishing roll on timings(my bro claims its faster than that)

the newest version, the 3 liter thunder+ is even faster.

great road presence. even KSRTC buses are respectful.

build quality is very good. no rattles or squeaks inspite of the merciless pounding its getting on COK- TVM and COK -CBE highways.

mileage consistently 11kmpl with AC on 100%
drops to 10kmpl in COK city

ground clearance is very useful in dealing with cratered and flooded roads
that engine is delicious
great driveability, very refined, responsive. it is my current favourite diesel
turbo seems to come in quite early. 1400rpm, though its difficult to say exactly when, because the power delivery is so linear
considering that that the engine idles around 1000 with the AC on, there is no lag felt during day to day driving. you can drive it without looking at the tacho.
handling- after initial worries due to the high CG, I have realised, that this car is very good around corners. it is a lot of fun on hilly roads.

ABS kicks in frequently because the rear leaf suspension does not help keep the tyres firmly planted on broken surfaces.

off road- am currently using the 2wd version
the 4WD that i Tded was surprisingly good, considering the weight it was lugging around. climbs steep inclines effortlessly.
I didnt try it in slush or sand, but with the weight, i dont think its advisable in that kind of terrain.

only major drawback
Very rough ride in the middle and rear seats

minor stuff
odd position for handbrake
wimpy stock headlights and horn

this is just off the top of my head, if there is something else you think I've missed, please ask.
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Old 20th September 2008, 10:45   #8
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The new Endeavour is nothing like the old one, it's a much better drive than it previous model. The 3 Ltr move pretty well. My friend has a 4X4 which I drive very often, its a very nice street drive for an SUV. Considering the old endeavour one does not expect it to move that rapid, however I doubt how good this one would be on bad roads as the suspension feels stiffer than it should be and don't even think about sitting on the back seats, this one's only good for the driver and co driver.

Sounds okay with Audio upgrades, the OE player has no options as such but with some tweaks can run a pretty elaborate setup.
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Old 20th September 2008, 11:18   #9
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I once drove the old endeavour for a 150 km stretch which included a part of GQ and a patch of very bad road. I simply loved it. It has loads of presence, on two way narrow state highways it helps a lot. The seating position is commanding, the handling is extremely well considering its size. It can tackle potholes quite well but faces problems with bumps as the rear tends to jump off the road causing much inconvenience to the rear seat passengers. Overall I was quite happy with the endy after driving it for the short stretch.
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Old 20th September 2008, 12:29   #10
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I drove the new endeavour too..Its pretty rock solid.I was real keen to buy one.
BUt my feeling was that when you pay 20lks for a Suv the least you can get is -
1- height adjustable driver seat.
2-climate control
3-some more friendly interiors
also theres a long waitng period for the 4x4 version which is a must.
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Old 20th September 2008, 13:46   #11
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I test drove it (Thunder+) a few days back. Feels solid, and has great pick up. Was disappointed about the ride quality. While it can handle all sorts of bad roads, it is pretty rough on the passengers.

My personal feeling is that it is not worth 21L OTR.
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MAMMOTH costing above 16 lacs is not worth at all.,

I TD it some months ago, spacious but harsh all around.

There are better VFM options in Safari & Scorpio.cheers:
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Old 20th September 2008, 19:05   #13
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For 20 Lacs you can roughly buy a Safari + Scorpio and have double the fun!! cheers:
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Originally Posted by chaxy View Post
For 20 Lacs you can roughly buy a Safari + Scorpio and have double the fun!! cheers:

Ultimate! I thought of this 2 years back when I was contemplating to buy it.
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Old 21st September 2008, 03:15   #15
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Terrible, terrible riding machine. My best friend has one & I just did a 400+ kms drive in it a couple of weekends back wit me driving it all the time. The engine is pretty nice & responsive & the steering is also quite decent but the ride is pure junk. Even with the seatbelt on I was being thrown off my seat in bad bumps!

At a particularly bad series of successive bumps (I was doing about 100-110 at that time) my friends all got lifted off their seats & the wife of one even hit her hand on a door panel quite hard! If you intend to be driven around in it, don't even bother thinking about it.
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