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Default Re: What do you want in an Offroad event?

Good points so far...Here's my view:

1. Number of days.
2 Full-days

2. Competitive vs trail drive?
I would only like to go for trail-drives but never the less, some competitive obstacles are alright. My reasons are clear, Jeep ownership is anyways full of drama, by abusing it for reasons of time on a trail can be serious cause for trouble on the drive back home and very unwelcome. In any case, you're going back from an event and not as excited as on the way to the event.

3. Type of competition

For sure skills. I drive a door-less Jeep that's scary to turn at 60 kmph. Can't imagine Autocross-style moves

4. Cost

5-6K for the weekend at the most. Eventually with diesel and pre-event prep it leaves a rather big hole in the pocket. Worse, if you are Soumya you drive 500-km one-way in a Petrol cj3

5. Type of obstacles

Mix of both kind of obstacles. Idea of an event is to test how far you can go and have fun at the same time. Not there to prove a point!

6. Type of accommodation

Can't deny that hot-showers are tempting but roughing it out is alright too. If the trail is far from civilization then it's ok to have basic amenities. But I'd feel rather stupid to camp when there's a pool and a hot shower 5 kms away!

7. Food & beverages

Good non-veg food is welcome anytime and anywhere in the world!

8. Freebees and gifts

T-shirts and some "usable" memorabilia are always welcome. Certificates don't mean much as I ain't looking to put it on my resume!

9. Prize vs trophy

Since I own a Jeep, there's always something more I want to spend on so if someone's paying I won't complain. Trophies aren't so important.

10. Time interval between events

Couple of trips per year if they are Jeep-worthy distances from town.

11. Miscellaneous:

- would you want a car wash facility?
Definitely YES.

- mechanics on site or a garage nearby would do? Definitely builds confidence in tackling tougher obstacles

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Default Re: What do you want in an Offroad event?

1. 2 days is fine, 3 will be tiring and boring.

2. 1st day trail and 2nd day competition .

3. Obstacles where decent momentum/speed is required and not boulders and declines where the vehicle will topple . Boulders require crawling and not racing thus breaking the vehicle.

Not all people will be patient and will rush and break the vehicle for winning and show off.

Rock crawling is right, rock racing is wrong, same applies to diagonal inclines/decends where utmost concentration is required and not jumping over , sure jumping is just fine in some cases.

One more suggestion, in trials , the trial can be split into 2 or 4 parts like the BODA otrs if possible , let the newbies and long wheel base vehicles be in the end to reducing waiting time.

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