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ex670c 7th January 2014 10:14

'SUV Extreme' Offroad Competition - 1st March, 2014
Hi Guys,

The Terra Tigers are happy to announce the FIRST Edition of the SUV EXTREME.

The SUV EXTREME is a Team Based off road competition for SUVs over 100" Wheel Base.

This initiative is to give SUV owners a separate platform, to compete off-road.


28 Feb - Reporting & Scrutiny
01 March - SUV EXTREME (Results & Award Function)
02 March - Drive Back

1) Only for 4x4 SUVs with Low Range
2) Only for SUVs above 100" Wheel Base
3) Maximum 2 Person Per Vehicle
4) All Vehicle must carry 2 Tow Straps and 4 D Shackles
5) 3 Vehicles and 6 Persons per Team.

Last Date for Payment & Registration 15th February 2014.



ex670c 4th February 2014 13:30

Entry & Payment Details
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Hi Guys,

Hospitality Golden Bay Resorts
Night stay + Dinner+ Breakfast for 28th Feb Night to 2nd March Breakfast.

Rs 5000 per head (for rooms on a Triple Sharing basis including Dinner & Breakfast from 28th Feb to 2nd March) to be paid directly to Golden Bay Resorts.

Contact - Mr.Riaz -9840001581

Competitors can make their own arrangements for stay and food, but will strictly adhere to the event timings

Registration Fee for SUV EXTREME

Rs1500 per Head to be paid before 15th February 2014.

Name - Arkaprava Datta
Bank - Canara Bank
Branch - Teynampet
SB A/C No - 0416101557686
IFSC - CNRB0000416



ex670c 5th March 2014 12:44

Re: 'SUV Extreme' Offroad Competition - 1st March, 2014
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Hi Guys,

There hasn't really been a competitive event for SUV owners in India where they could put their mettle to the test, but all that changed this year. The Terra Tigers, organizers of The Palar Challenge have included yet another event in the off-road calendar year specifically geared towards SUV owners. This is where the The SUV Extreme competition comes in.

2014 was the first ever SUV off-road competition held on the Palar river bed. The one day competition followed the same format as The Palar Challenge, a team based event with 3 vehicles in each team. The inaugural event was attended by 4 teams: Team TJM (Tahzeem Aga), Terra-Tigers (Vishnu Rajam), Triveni MS (Manoj Sharma) Torque (Amit Tomar).

The teams were put through their paces across 6 Driving Special Stages and One Technical SS (Vehicle Recovery Without Winch) similar to TPC. Once the team based stages had been completed, individual drivers also got a chance to test out their skills in the Individual Special Stage which, for the first time, was held under a star studded sky with absolutely no lights (other than the ones from the vehicles themselves)!

The mixture of sun, sand, rocks, slush and of course the lack of ambient lighting sure made for one hell of an experience for the participants and marshals alike! Most of the vehicles and competitors were really well prepared and this was quite evident throughout the day. There were a few obstacles that definitely separated the men from the boys and the results portrayed the same.

Winners of SUV EXTREME presented by Triveni Motor Sports Team TJM (Bangalore) 993 points

Winner of Technical SS presented by Anit Promoters Team TJM 7 Minutes (150 Points)

The First Most Performing 4WD presented by TJM INDIA jointly with 283 points
Vishnu Rajam (Monster Ford Endy) & Danish (Mitsubishi Pajero 98WB)

Second Most Performing 4WD presented by TJM INDIA jointly with 280 points
Tahzeem (Toyota Fortuner), Sanjay (Monster Nissan Patrol) & Dr. George (Pajero SLX)

Third Most Performing 4WD presented by TJM INDIA jointly with 270 points
Arun John Paul (Pajero SLX)

TJM INDIA presented 3, 70 cfm Tyre Inflators as prizes for the Most Performing 4WDs.

We would like to Thank our sponsors TJM INDIA, Triveni Motorsports, and Anit Promoters.

The Terra Tigers would like to thank Vishnu Rajam for pointing out a tallying mistake, instead of enjoying the Most Performing 4WD alone, like a true sporting gentleman, chose to correct the Final Result and share the Result with Danish from Team TJM.


Ranjith Balakrishnan & Arka

ex670c 6th March 2014 12:19

Ss5 - Suv Extreme
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Hi Guys,

The first set of pics from SS5.



sticksnpedals 6th March 2014 19:13

Re: 'SUV Extreme' Offroad Competition - 1st March, 2014
Hey Guys,

This was my first ever Off-Road competition. We assembled at our camp for the event, the Odour resorts, Chennai - Pondicherry ECR on 28th Feb evening. Parked-in were vehicles high and low, some for war, some for support and some just to pose. Nice place to stay, dine and chill.

We had a comprehensive driver's briefing, rules explained, handbooks with map distributed, queries quenched and then it was time for the TOSS. The competition had Special Stages SS1, SS2, SS3, SS4(technical SS), SS5, SS6 & SS7. Each stage had five obstacles and SS4 was a vehicle recovery without winch. Our team got the last pick. We started at SS7.

Our Team:
The men were Vishnu Rajam(experienced off-roader, our team captain), Doc Rinku George(his second day off the road, but an unbelievably good driver), Mahendran(experienced off-roader, our spotter, tech support), Abhisheik(experienced off-roader, our spotter, tech support), Arun (off-road enthusiast, done a couple of SUV Off-road excursions).

Our machines were:
(1) Ford Endeavour - Ironman4x4 2" liftkit, Bolt-on Bumpers, Aux lights, Offroad rims, 33" Maxxis Bighorn 764s.
(2) Mitsu Pajero - stock adjusted torsion bar. I repeat STOCK. Tyres were Yoko Geolander AT 275/65R15.
(3) Mitsu Pajero - stock adjusted torsion bar, swastik fabs winch bumper, swastik fabs rock slider, milemarker sec12 winch, 31" 10.5R15 Maxxis Bighorn 762s.

Good morning, March! Extreme Time!! Our assembly point was the Pavanjur Farms. We were joined in by some media crew as well. The convoy drove into the Palar river bed and each team went to their respective stages.
We started at SS7.

The following were my observations of the stage. The entry was a very soft sand patch, one climb was at an angle, a decent over a rock which meant 'do it slow', couple of soft sand patches, two closely laid flag poles which compelled three point turns and very shallow slush. I have previously been at this place during the excursions, but the place was totally different. There were few changes in the terrain itself and the marshals kept our wits on the edge with the placement of the flag poles. Since our vehicles were majorly stock, we did it with extra caution, but sailed through the stage.

A lot of cross country driving and following the map took us to SS5.

As it was being set up when we reached, this stage was extensive. Had a lot of tall climbs, a lot of double bumps, few water bodies that were better left unstirred. This was yet another place I had been during the excursions, but the direction, order of what we had done previously were intelligently changed. This meant that a climb that I thought I was familar with, now became a decent. It was very important that I dont get over confident, rely on our spotters and get the job done. And we did it.

Close by was SS3.

Oh! The marshalls really used their brains on this one, literally. All I saw was twists and turns like the image of a human brain. Flag poles were so close, demanding curves, short run ups and angled decents. At first I thought the poles were impossibly close. Then I reminded myself that one of the competitors vehicles was a huge Nissan Patrol. The marshalls would have obviously accomodated that. So instead of complaining, I started plotting options in my brain to go through the weave forward or backward. Regardless of my strategy, when it came to the edge, I opted to rely on the expertise of our spotters. We went in one vehicle behind the other, took our time, but finished it. I felt the main challenge in this stage was to be dynamic. We had to be quick on the run up, but careful enough to go through the poles. Also on an angled decent, the vehicle begins to move sideways and we need to plan the tolerance to avoid the pole.

Had to do some driving and reached stage1

This was by far my favourite stage. It challenged the ramp over angle, had steep climbs, very steep broken decents. Encouraged, adviced by our experts Mahendran and Abhisheik I went in following Vishnu on his endy and Doc George on his stock Pajero. We sailed through most of it and I saw Doc George needing assitance to go through a decent. It was a very steep decent and the departure was broken too. So most certainly one wheel would have to be in the air till it reached for ground creating a scary roll. It was very important to follow the spotters instruction rather than rely on instinct. One of our vehicles had to redo two decents because they were assisted. We had ample time, so we did it again and it was a 'thumbs up' for our team on the stage.

Stage 2 was close by.

I have to say that the marshalls of this stage took extra care to plot the challenge. The stage starts with a water crossing and a huge ascent, beyond which was the devil's nest. The marshals explained it as patiently as they could, but we couldnt see it laid out. We headed into the stage, probably a little too confident. The endy went through 3obstacles and began searching for traction. Too confidently, I went in without a spotter over the first climb only to realise there was a second bump which got me beached. Two vehicles stuck, doc george had to come around to pull me out. We lost on time. With both spotters working over time now, we gave it a run, but still couldnt complete the last obstacle. Left the stage with a little incomplete feeling.

I have to mention that just to add to the aesthetics of the stage, one of the marshals had his red thar half submerged in the water. Haha! It was guys on their camp chairs, a thar close by and another thar half underwater. You should've called this stage 'The Hunt for the Red October'. Cheers!

Then it was a long drive to stage 4.

The challenge was called vehicle recovery without winch. We had to have one SUV parked on the climb, while the other SUVs had to pull this SUV over the obstacle. We chose to pull Doc George's vehicle coz we felt the other two vehicles had MT tyres and Doc's would be the lightest. We decided to tie the strap in a straight line, pulling in series. It took some effort, pumping the throttle, wriggling the wheel, every bit of what I had learnt from the excursions and Doc was free!

Driving to stage 6, we were all on our edges. It was the last stage for us.

This was pure rock with very little soft sand and a little water. Talk about wheels on the rocks, it could get real tipsy. I had been here once before, but that was only on one portion. The way the flags had been set up was totally different and challenging. The fourth flag of this stage was way too challenging, so the marshals gave us the freedom to skip it if we wanted. We went in through the same order - Endy, Doc's Pajero, my Peggie77. Eyes totally on the spotter, our body's gyro clock was switched off. We made it through 3. Vishnu decided to give 4 a go while Doc and I went straight for 5. I got stuck in the sand and couldnt make it on time. In the meanwhile, Vishnu got stuck on 4 and couldnt make it out on time. Doc made it through 5. Finally we called it a day.

It was a day well spent, we got back, chilled out. The next day it was time for the score card and had an award ceremony on the lawn.

The SUV extreme was a day well spent with men and machines on God given turf. Though I had been on some of the very same locations a couple of times, there seemed to be infinite changes. It was too dynamic. There was a change in the terrain itself, the flags were laid differently, there was a competitive spirit. I cant wait to go to the same place again to see what new changes I can see. Having said all that, I thank our team Vishnu, Mahendran, Abhisheik and Doc George who kept the enthusiasm high and controlled so that none of our vehicles suffered any damages. Infact Doc George's Pajero was a thoroughly stock SUV and went through without a nudge, which only meant that the obstacles were definitely 'do'able.

A huge note of appreciation to the organisers, the marshals, the sponsors, fellow competitors and everyone who made it possible.

ex670c 8th March 2014 11:59

SS5 - SUV EXTREME part 2
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Hi Guys,

The second set of pics from SS5.



ex670c 12th March 2014 12:28

SUV Extreme SS6 part
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Hi Guys,

The First set of pics from SS6, manned by Vijay (petrolhead) and Raghav (flanker.r).



ex670c 13th March 2014 11:31

SUV Extreme SS6 part2
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Hi Guys,

The second set of pics from SS6.



vinod_nookala 14th March 2014 19:09

Re: 'SUV Extreme' Offroad Competition - 1st March, 2014
Arka & team,
Great show! Good to see exclusive event for SUV's. Refreshing to see big & modified SUV's in action. With heavy weights like Land cruisers and Land rovers selling decent numbers, this event has immense scope.

All the best!

ex670c 17th March 2014 12:28

SUV Extreme SS7 part1
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Hi Guys,

Pics from SS7, with Saravanan PS & A.K.



gurudutt 18th March 2014 10:39

Re: 'SUV Extreme' Offroad Competition - 1st March, 2014
Exciting to see the big boys negotiating the obstacle course and wading through water. Not many Indian SUVs though, except for the Scorpio and Thar. Was the event for experienced off roaders only?

ex670c 18th March 2014 10:49

SUV Extreme SS7 part2
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Hi Guys,

The Second set of pics from SS7.



Endeavour333 18th March 2014 13:02

Re: 'SUV Extreme' Offroad Competition - 1st March, 2014
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Originally Posted by gurudutt (Post 3393136)
Exciting to see the big boys negotiating the obstacle course and wading through water. Not many Indian SUVs though, except for the Scorpio and Thar. Was the event for experienced off roaders only?

I wouldn't say that the event is only for experienced off-roaders only: Because in our team we had a driver that had previously been to only one of the SUV Off-Road Excursion events before and had no other offroad experience with his completely STOCK Pajero. However he was very receptive to guidance from more experienced members of our team and he actually ended up completing nearly every single obstacle! Needless to say we were all extremely impressed with both driver and vehicle.

So it is possible to participate if you are not very experienced but it is recommended that you attend at least one of the SUV Offroad Excursions before participating in the SUV Extreme competition. The SUV Offroad Excursion events are non competitive events designed to teach you offroad driving techniques, recovery techniques, and give you first hand experience in how your vehicle responds to various offroad terrain / situations.

The event calendar from the facebook page is attached below:
Attachment 1221069

ex670c 18th March 2014 14:58

Videos - Teams in Action
Hi Guys,

We have Videos of the teams in action at SS1,2 & 3.

Team TJM

Team Triveni Motor Sports

Team Terra Tigers

Team Triveni -Torque



ex670c 24th March 2014 11:38

Videos SS1/2/3
Hi Guys,

Edited Videos from SS1/2/3.



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