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Default The Joy of Quickies - 4x4 style

Quite sure everyone who follows this section has probably gone through this feeling.

You are driving down a highway/country road, you look around and see some undulating grounds. Brainwaves strike and you forget where you are supposed to go and just decide to take a roll in the mud (for quickies of other sorts "mud" is replaced by "hay" ). Quickie completed and you move on to your planned destinations.

I've done these quite often but never obviously had someone around to click photos but today was different. On my way to pick up my 540 which was finally ready (and that's an altogether different story) saw this tract of land and decided the Safari had enough of good Gujarat roads under its belt and its time to discover its 4x4 potential. Of course, you've plans and time lines to reach some place (as is the nature of quickies) so they are fairly limited but this one was good fun. Here I go with the pics!

From first to second base!
The Joy of Quickies - 4x4 style-11052010459.jpg

Second base crossed!
The Joy of Quickies - 4x4 style-11052010460.jpg

Coming down second base!
The Joy of Quickies - 4x4 style-11052010461.jpg

Third base and not a sweat!
The Joy of Quickies - 4x4 style-11052010463.jpg

Getting stuck on third base! Happens to the best of us
The Joy of Quickies - 4x4 style-11052010464.jpg

Third base crossed and all smiles!
The Joy of Quickies - 4x4 style-11052010466_a.jpg

Look at me grinning - probably the first-timer's grin!
The Joy of Quickies - 4x4 style-11052010467_a.jpg

Quickie done
The Joy of Quickies - 4x4 style-11052010470_a.jpg

For some background, its a '04 TCIC EX4x4 Safari with 111K on the odo and Geolandars. Seriously speaking, 5th and 7th pics show a fair degree of articulation from the Safari.

Of course, post-quickie had a lot of cleaning up (loads of thorns in the tyres but luckily no damage)

Am hoping this will get some of us talking about our quickies too and am quite sure all of us have had their fair share

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HAHAHAAH!!! Brilliant Heading and brilliant storytelling.
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Dont we all need to clean up good after a quickie, lol. But good one.
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Default Lazy Sunday Afternoon

So this time the quickie happened with someone else rather something else!

Its a lazy sunday afternoon and a few messages get me in the mood for it! I immediately leave what I am doing (nothing that is) and take off for the rendezvous point. It turns out to be a small lakeside location in the middle of Ahmedabad suburbs and next to a police station. Nobody can see us as there's a small hillock that we have driven across and which hides us from the road traffic.

We all take turns and I guess what we are doing is attracting attention from the locals. Soon there's a voyeuristic audience of people loafing around who've found something interesting to watch. They come and ask us: "Shooting hain?" We say "Nahin time-pass kar rahe hain". Quizzical look on their face and they go at a distance and watch us again.

The Joy of Quickies - 4x4 style-14112010263.jpg

The Joy of Quickies - 4x4 style-14112010262.jpg

The Joy of Quickies - 4x4 style-14112010267.jpg

The Joy of Quickies - 4x4 style-14112010264.jpg

First is me. My jeep always behaves well with me.

Next is Harsheed. Everytime Harsheed drives my jeep something happens! Quickies can get you into awkward positions and sometimes your back hurts as that is what happened to Harsheed!

There's a lot of crowd collecting now and its time to make a quick exit. Tired, we go home.
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