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Default PICS - A Jeep converted to a BOREWELL Repair Specialized Rig

Sometime last year in a coorg OTR few guys were talking about a MONSTER winch attached behind a jeep and there was some discussion about it, I am used to seeing these handful of rigs around my town, happened to be up close and personal to one such rig due a mechanical failure @ was parked at my hosur jeep mechanic.

I only have a bunch of pics, highlights for newbies are as follows.

Any Automobile with a ladder chassis and KMT90 gear box (a jeep!) with a T19 (why??) transfer case can be converted to such a rig.

T19 because it had a door for a PTO in its rear and the Tcase neutral helped all 4 wheels to be on ground not spinning while the PTO shaft could be engaged to turn anything, say something like the MONSTER winch.

Everything in these pics are easy to understand, except the CUSTOM PTO (Completely hand made) part - the DanaSpicer ones found on WW2 and later willys are SUPER rare (UBS gifted me one).

The PTO on this Tcase failed due to severe abuse and it lead to the intermediate gear SHEARING the Tcase body and a large gaping hole is visible!!

A gujri tcase for this rig owner costed 12k (Yes - 12K for a scrap Tcase, thanks to this rig market!!) - and in next 2 borewell-pump-repair jobs this 12K can be easily recovered.

The PTO shaft spins a custom Dana44 axle housing with 2 inch roller chains/sprocket and so on to an winch.

MAIN JOB OF THIS RIG - is to effortlessly take out the submersible water pump 500 to 1000 feet below the ground, and put it back, all within 2-3 hours, these guys do at least 2 jobs in remote farms around the local villages, talukas, and employ 2-3 low-paid migrant workers from rural India,
1 driver and 1 - electrician (Dude who does the pump repair).

Get any jeep with a T19 tcase, a month and 1.25 Lac Rs later you get a shiny new rig like this.

Take aways for Tbhp jeepers...

1) Nice execution of a hard top
2) This is what a NGCS Chassis Armada and a old Armada type body will look like
3) Thanks to these guys, the scrap market rates are thru the roof!! damn!
4) Good thing, resale value of jeeps are increasing like the enfields
5) More and more of these guys prefer 4wd, they know they can into deeper agri fields with a 4wd! Jai Ho!

Questions, comments...

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Default Re: PICS - A jeep converted to a BOREWELL repair specialized rig

Oh My God , these are the real winch guys , Salute .

I think every Jeep club / event organizer should keep / own one such mamoth ' Super Winch '

Jokes apart , but I liked the innovation & improvisation . I haven't seen a Jeep being used like this .

Can you please post more pics of the PTO fitting to the Transfer Case & All its components ? Lets see if we can copy one such PTO & use it for Mechanical winches & other applications ( like the Air Pump in your Jeep )

Thanks in advance

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Default Re: PICS - A jeep converted to a BOREWELL repair specialized rig

I have seen a similar one in Bangalore too. They really are a testament to Indian ingenuity. The one I saw was a CJ3B with some mods on the front of the chassis (maybe a counter weight?).
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