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Default What is the best way to paint a Jeep/Gypsy...

Here we see on the forum so many restroration work going on and puting paint on your Jeep/Gypsy is one of the most important aspect.

I have also restored my Jeep aprox before a year and the painted told me the best available paint is the 2k (a brand name) and he is going to use plastic putty of a good brand.

I have seen some other people whom painted firstly put the primar and than the putty and paint.

In my case the painter did not use the primar (he said it is not required) instead he simply took out the old paint and used plastic putty.

I wanted to what best can be given to a Jeep/Gypsy when it comes to the paint job.
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No red oxide on the body before he started messing with the putty ?

When we got out MM550 done my dad told me about another Jeep at the workshop for a paintjob. It was a dabwali jeep on which the paint (and putty) had started to crack and peel. The dabwali paint chap had given the body a good coverage of putty and a very light sanding job. He then sprayed right over this.

I cant remember the exact sequence that was followed with our but it involved red oxide, a primer type coat, putty, a good sanding, primer, base coat(s) and then the clear coat/laquer.
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Hi Naren,

Pls see my thread My MM550 XD Army Spec - Post no 76 and 81, I have mentioned the process which I am following for my Jeep. I dont know how to link the thread - post here.

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Originally Posted by DesertKing View Post

I wanted to what best can be given to a Jeep/Gypsy when it comes to the paint job.
To get a good quality painting on your vehicle, you firstly need to have a good painter., The process is as mentioned below.

1) Scrap the existing paint and body filler.
2) Sand the complete car to bare metal.
3) Apply red-oxide.
4) Apply body filler
5) Sand the excess body filler and get the required body line.
6) Apply grey surfacer.
7) Dull the surfacer and use polyster putty
8) Dull the putty
9) Cover all the small blemishes and scratch lines with putty again.
10) Use Dupont 888 or 0707 surfacer.
11) Dull the surfacer
12) Apply base coat and neatly cover the surface metal
13) Use degreaser and clean with tack cloth.
14) Paint the First coat of paint,
15) After exactly 5 mins apply the second coat and subsequently third final coat of paint.

IF its a metallic shade, use 2 coats of clear spray over the paint.

IF you want a ordinary color to look much more glossier, use the final coats of paint which will be " matte " and later use 2 coats of clear.

One fine machine polishing will complete the paint process.
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Default Colour Suggestions

Getting a Jeep from MM440. Any suggestion on what color I should go with. I was thinking green with a mix of brown???
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Default Re: What is the best way to paint a Jeep/Gypsy...

We manly 4X4 drivers sometimes go off road. On purpose. When we do, we sometimes scratch up our paint on bushes, rocks, titanoboas and the odd T-rex. I picked up some deep scratches when a small tree hurled itself into my path. It's not bad enough to really need paint yet. At least not until I accumulate a few more scratches to make it worthwhile.

Question: You guys have any luck with paint rubbing compounds? Which brands?
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Default Re: What is the best way to paint a Jeep/Gypsy...

^ 2k cutting compound and a Cream polish to finish it - for plastic & metal bits black in colour use dashboard polish sachet to finish. I just use whatever the local parts store stocks, very cheap no name brands, works just as well.

Wherever things are a bit deep , a 1K sandpaper can help wet sand it. But need to be careful not to rub all the paint off.

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