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.....I am planning to retain the camoflage colour. Is there anything against not being able to retain them ?
Originally Posted by Kandisa View Post
You simply can't retain the same, yes this is by the law.
I wouldn't agree with this statement because of the following experiences, not reason or word of mouth advise heard from others but experience
  • We have recently driven our MM550's three in fact in Army Green on a 700 kms round trip from Delhi all the way to Corbett and back.
  • In March were on a trip to Hissar during which we also visited an Army cantonment in a couple of MM550's again in the camouflage color.
  • Further I personally have been driving my MM550 in NCR very actively and have been visiting the Army Cantonment area in our city almost twice a month.
Never have we been stopped or checked or been told to produce any papers etc that these being against the law or something!!!
I know that some may say that we have been lucky or very luck but till our luck runs out or I meet someone in person who has personally been in some issues with any authorities with regards to this particular aspect I will not change my opinion!!!

Also I would like to share that when I bought my MM550 many people told me that registering an army disposal is next to impossible and that it cannot be easily done, this and that!!!
But I decided not to take anybody's word for it and went ahead and verified the registration book personally from the authority which is about 400+ kms from delhi!!! And after I verified all the people in Delhi started getting their vehicles re registered at the same place!!! Something which looked impossible and fake in the past now looks possible and easy to do...

PS These are just my views and I do not mean to offend anyone!!!
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Harjeev, i do agree you were the 1st person to find the proper way of registering the ex-army jeeps. But retaining the camouflage colour is altogether a different matter. I think even if some civilian drives an ex-army vehicle without any registration and with the army markings still on, hardly the cops are going to stop him on road. But that doesn't make it legal i guess. Rest it depends up to the owner,its his vehicle after all!
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Originally Posted by abheekg View Post
I do have plans to take the vehicles on an extensive touring of India in the next year.
I noticed in another thread too - that you guys intend to do a lot of touring!
As you'll are having exensive work done pls check the axels-! when the wide track came out there were issued with the tubes bending.

All the best.
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You are right about Wide Track.

On massive stress only axel bends. I had one in my rear left axel , when two bolts holding brake drum came off and on motion wheel was violently wobbling. Even after replacing the new brake drum and bolts, rectifying the axel, I still have a mild wobble.

Front differential housing was bent on some impact during offroading, but got rectified in lathe working.
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updates please,whats happening to the tale of three gypsys
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Default Re: Tale of 2 Gypsies : The story of my Ex Army Gypsy Acquisition and Restoration

I am restoring another directly purchased from Army auction Gypsy.

This time it will tow a trailer home and explore Wardha river near Tadoba.

Stay tuned for the story of Goshawk.
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Default Re: Tale of 2 Gypsies : The story of my Ex Army Gypsy Acquisition and Restoration

Waiting for the next creation.
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