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Thanks Krishna, I was worried there for a while. I merged the threads since they are talking about the same thing.
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Thanks Krishna.

Originally Posted by kittigadu View Post
Umm... well i have no comments.
I was expecting this reaction from somebody atleast. I know I'm being paranoid, but well, better safe than sorry

Originally Posted by kittigadu View Post
This is called the master/deadlock switch made by hella.
If you love your jeep, get one immediately. I always lock the steering with a hockey stick like rod.
Any idea where I can procure one in Bangalore. I'm kinda new to the auto market here, have heard of JC Road and SP Road.

I'm thinking that putting up a Hard Top will reduce the appeal of the Gypsy. But in the end, If putting up a hard top is the more practical thing to do, I'll definitely go for it.

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Tintin - Car Automobiles off JC road has the Steering lock (Hockey rod type) for about 250Rs.

They should have the deadlock switch as well.

How about a way to lock the Engine Bay? Anyone?
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Originally Posted by IronWolf View Post
Tintin - Car Automobiles off JC road has the Steering lock (Hockey rod type) for about 250Rs.

They should have the deadlock switch as well.

How about a way to lock the Engine Bay? Anyone?
Check out what Ganesh (nick - Gbanwar) has done on his jeep.
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Default Jeep Security & Theft Prevention

As soon as i bought my Jeep, everyone warned me about how "theftable" the car is. I did a lot of searching on the net and came across a lot of ideas.
Just sharing a few here. Please feel free to add.


Offroad forum

(most is cut paste)

DISCLAIMER: If someone is dedicated to stealing a Jeep or stealing something from it, there is nothing that we can do about it. But in-between the honest and the dishonest are the "dishonest when it is convenient," that is to say, the ones who will steal from your jeep when it is easy to do, but not if there is a chance of an alarm going off or if they will have to spend time breaking into the jeep. These are the people that we can deter -

1. The Disabler Switch

- Hide a 2 way fuel valve (extra tank) and put it between ports. You can only drive about a block before it runs out of gas

If you don't have a second tank a straight thru valve would work fine to shut off flow. Use swage-loc valves (real quality with stem mounting nuts) and for the on/off option a toggle valve is recommended. A simple "flip" on or off! It could even be installed inside a lockable box or the consol, or with a lock on the toggle handle itself.
Be careful of you have a fuel injected engine. The tank's fuel pump keeps the lines under high pressure at all times, even when parked - The only problem with this is that you could do damage to the fuel injectors.

- Battery Disconnect switch under the Hood with Keyed hood lock.

- Distributor kill switch

- Consider an alarm, because it would provide a starter disconnect.

2. The Steering Wheel.
- Use a 4' length of very heavy chain that goes thru the steering wheel, around the seat leg and is secured by a very large padlock

- Use a removeable steering wheel: Grant's No Wheel, No Steal kit. 4WD Hardware sells it.

- You can get a steering column sleeve (like a big metal fist) that is lockable over the entire steering column. Quadratec advertises these in its catalog.

- Removable steering wheel in the Summitt catalog for around $100. It is removed with a key, and has a cap that locks onto the steering column so that another steering wheel can't be put on.

- One of the most popular solutions in Central/South America is to weld tabs on the brake and clutch pedal, drill holes through the tabs and then place a lock through them. If you are creative and place the tabs correctly, a "trailer tongue" type lock can be utilized and is darned near impossible to cut off.

- Use the clutch - steering lock available locally. But, these are very common and a master key may be available. Also thieves are know to cut the steering wheel using a saw to remove this.

- Use a steering lock "club". But again a thief can cut the steering wheel.

3. Others
- Use silent pager-alarms you carry in your pocket. They aren't much good past a certain distance, but at home, or work, they are just fine, and you can deal with the thief yourself.

- Keep the coil to distributor wire inside the house

- Hood / bonnet lock

- In Canada, seat belt use is mandatory. There is a switch built into most driver side belts that show a fasten seat belt light when you turn the ignition. Wire it so that if the belt is not clipped in, the engine wont start. I don't think thieves are safety consciuos during a heist. I guess we can get this type from any local auto accessory store. Newer cars do have these systems built into the dash in India now.

- Take a piece of steel cable / chain about four feet long and loop it around brake and clutch pedals the other end wrap any slack around steering wheel and put a master lock thru the other loop and lock it to one of the holes in the spokes of the steering wheel. When not in use, just lock it to the roll bar.

- Keep a Dobermann in your Jeep. lol

- Install a series of rocker switches that have be put into a certain ON/OFF pattern for the Jeep to start. To any thief they just look like extra accesory switches. (can anyone explain this?)

- Keep your jeep in a very bad rusted condition. lol

- Run a wire from the parking light switch to a relay that powers the ignition switch, that way you have to have the light switch on in order to start up and afterwards you can turn the lights off.

- Sticker on a new Ford read:
Nothing in MY truck is worth YOUR life!
i like it....

EDIT: OOPS Sorry. I made this as a new thread and it got shifted by the mod team to this thread (i couldn't find it in search). So there may be repeats in suggestions.

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Very good post tejas. Some of the options are very simple and easily doable at any mechanic!

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I am not sure of using autocops alarm system on jeeps.
Jeeps do not need batteries to start up, And I actually found this out by mistake.. I jump started it... Was very surprised and am worrying since then. But yeah pushing an over one ton jeep to jump start will require atleast 2-3 car thieves working as comrades

Originally Posted by Tejas@perioimpl View Post
- Keep a Dobermann in your Jeep. lol
lol. Not a bad idea, I think that would be the best solution after all.

I had been to chandni chowk delhi, Not for the purpose of buying anything, But just for a visit. And I happened to see scrap dealers selling mostly spare alloy wheels (1 number and not a set) in large quantities. and some where really in a brand new condition.

If your jeep has a good spare alloy with a descent tyre with some life in it, Make sure you lock it with a padlock.

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Post Deleted by the Team-BHP Support : SMS / Slang is STRICTLY prohibited on this community. We would much appreciate your using full & proper English in posts, for the benefit of other forum users.

Please view our board rules carefully before proceeding any further.

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So let me summarize what I think can be implemented in India without too much of a runabout:

1. Gear-Lock is the last and most dependable deterrent. Use in Reverse gear! (Autocop Terminator)
2. Steering Lock
3. Battery/Ignition dead-lock (Hella brand)
4. Shift the vehicle's 4WD into Neutral
5. Fuel-cutoff
6. Xenos brand car alarm
7. Adult male Rottweiler

Sounds doable...and fun (especially the last option)

Despite all this if your vehicle is taken then that is what you have Insurance, friends, tissues, chick-flicks and your favorite beer.


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Like F1 cars, have a quick release steering wheel kit in the jeep.
when you park, just press a knobby button, and take the steering with you in hand.
its just like motorcyclists carrying helmets and you will be surely noticed wherever you go, LOL !!!
am attaching some reference pics for understanding.
Attached Images
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It is more likely that people will remove all your tyres overnight than steal the Jeep or Gypsy.

What are those unremovable lock nuts for wheels? Are they safe or is there a chance of failure?

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