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Default Re: The Land Rover - an update

Originally Posted by Sam Kapasi View Post
A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a BHPian asking me if I'd sold the Land Rover because:
  • I hadn't posted any updates
  • He saw a green Discovery in Bangalore and suspected it was mine
This also was not the first time I had answered question to that tune. The answer?

No. Not by a long shot. The Land Rover is with me and I intend to love it for a while.
Hey Sam, It was me who sent you a mailer. The event is as it go's
  • One fine Sunday I see this green monster in Bangalore.
  • Next day I see the same monster following me to Mysore.
  • I don't see a Yeti(R) driving it!!!
  • Next I see its broken down on the Highway and had to be towed to Mysore
  • Guess What!!! The Monster is parked in the same garage where my Gypsy was getting a gearbox replacement.
After all this, I actually looked at the regn plate which State MH-01-DA-XX. So my mech says, Sir this vehicle was sold by an foreigner to an Bangalore'an business man.

Me: For what??
Mech: Some electrical problems..

So I was kind of curious to see if this was your vehicle, BTW since our Indian metro are notoriously known for vehicle thefts I was kind of apprehensive on the deal that would have taken place.

Finally I met the owner of the vehicle, he is the importer of TJM offroading equipments and he was building a LR and a Prado as demo vehicle for the equipments.
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Default Re: YetiBlog® - My Land Rover Discovery

Originally Posted by sathyaprakash View Post
Can you post his picture along with the interiors of your Landy?
OK, by popular demand then. Here is Akbar happy driving the Land Rover.
Attached Thumbnails
YetiBlog® - My Land Rover Discovery-20111130-19.54.00_s.jpg  

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Default Re: YetiBlog® - My Land Rover Discovery

Your Akhbar is actually proving to be a Birbal to you lol. Sir you are very lucky to have such a dedicated driver hats off for him. Btw very well maintained Range Rover out there, i have a special place in my heart for cars of 90's. Can you please put in some more detailed interior pictures?

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Default Re: YetiBlog® - My Land Rover Discovery

Hi Sam, so nice to see the face of your Passepartout. He's a legend! Wish his tribe increased and some of them migrated to Hyderabad
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Default Re: YetiBlog® - My Land Rover Discovery


I love reading your posts and this one is specially wonderful! You got a good knowledgible man with you. I salute him!

Did you ask him what was his thought for thinking that the radiator was a problem even after the fan clutch was deemed to be the root cause?
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Default Re: YetiBlog® - My Land Rover Discovery

Originally Posted by Sam Kapasi View Post
Radiator khulvana hai buss.

He argues with the garage who has also attempted to convince him that air blown in through the fins will do the job. The garage has realized one cannot convince adamant Akbar.
The radiator is completely corroded. Running a finger on the fins results in crumble. Turns out he was right all along.

But why did no one remove the radiator? The admiral concludes that it is a pain to dissasemble the radiator on the land rover. So everyone avoided it. Perhaps he is right.VROOOM!!
Akbars analysis of the problem and the explanation related to the dissembling of radiator are both spot on.

Originally Posted by Sam Kapasi View Post
In order to make a rebuilt radiator run longer and without corrosion, it is necessary to spray paint the entire unit. Akbar had this done at the same garage that dissasembled and reassembled the fan and radiator.
I hope the painting process does not drastically alter the heat transfer ability of the radiator. See my comments below for the significance of this statement.

Originally Posted by sudeepg View Post
Did you ask him what was his thought for thinking that the radiator was a problem even after the fan clutch was deemed to be the root cause?
Im inclined to believe that the fan clutch replacement was not necessary in this instance. Unless there was visible damage (leaking silicon oil from the fan clucth or missing fins). The fan not gaining speed with increase in coolant temperature probably had more to do with your radiator than anything else.

Going by the extent of corrosion in the radiator - the coolant was not transferring its heat to the air passing through the radiator fins as it was supposed to. Hence the triggering 'air temperature' for the viscous clutch would not have been reached. Remember, the clutch does not directly sense coolant temperature. There is always a co-relation between the coolant temp inside the radiator and the air through radiator temperature, which is the basis by which manufacturers calibrate the viscous fan clutch.

Im pretty sure that if sam re-fits his old viscous fandrive it will function perfectly now that the radiator is back in business.

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Default Re: YetiBlog® - My Land Rover Discovery

Thank You for yet another wonderful thread. This was started in 2009 but i actually read it today And then could not stop and finished it in one go.

Heres wishing you that there are no more heating problems in the LR.

I think the interior pics are still missing in the thread. Can you oblige us
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Default Re: YetiBlog® - My Land Rover Discovery

Wonderful updates Sam! Happy to read that inspite of all the problems, you have got friends and well wishers to keep it running Do most more updates and interior pics as and when you can.
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Default Re: YetiBlog® - My Land Rover Discovery

Does your number end with 4050?

I saw this on same colored LR on my way to pune yesterday just before lonavla.

It was stuffed with people to the extent that the rear was considerably sagging. The car was struggling on the ghats. I dint see you in so drove off.

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