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Default Re: Doorstep Car Servicing - Carista (Bangalore)

Originally Posted by rejeen View Post
The work is done on my Vento TDi AT.
Hi rejeen, I am quite late on this post of yours, but i really need your suggestion on the following:

- I have been contemplating on changing the entire brake setup (Pads and Disc rotor) for my GT TDI. I am considering Brembo, which is a bit on the higher side. How has the Bosch parts been since you changed them?
The OEM brake pads and rotors of VW are crap. How has the Bosch parts faired so far?

- I noticed that you have also changed the Link rod. I was informed on my previous service that I got to change mine for front right suspension. Any particular reason why you changed the one on your Vento?

Thank you for your time in answering my queries.
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Default Re: Doorstep Car Servicing - Carista (Bangalore)

Originally Posted by Bh.P View Post
Here is my recent experience:

I usually go once in 6 months to Magnum Honda for my 2011 Honda City VAT service. It was over 6 months since my last service, and there was an upcoming long drive. So I wanted to get the basic service done. I was looking for alternatives to the service and wanted to try Carista this time.
A follow up on my experience with Carista around 2 months ago.

After around a month, I started noticing a very slight oil leak under my car (around a drop every day). I took it to Magnum Honda, my regular service destination. I was told the leakage is due to incorrect fitting of the oil filter, which has caused the filter to get damaged. Also, apparently close to a liter of oil was drained and had to be topped up. I was suggested to change the oil completely instead of topping up, along with the oil filter. Was told it is not a good idea to mix old and new oil. Felt I was being bluffed to, but just wanted to get my car back to shape, so agreed.

I was told even the air filter put in by Carista was not of good quality. I was shown the new one they used vs the one on my car, there was a very visible difference in the quality.

So, I basically had to get the car serviced again in just over 2 months. Car drives much smoother now, and costed was similar to that of Carista's (6K including a 1.9K interior cleaning).

Just re-iterated my earlier decision to NEVER go to Carista again. I would rather delay the service, but never call them due to lack of time.
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Default Re: Doorstep Car Servicing - Carista (Bangalore)

I am supposed to replace the oil pressure switch on my 6 year old Rapid 1.6TDi ( The oil pressure warning lights up after a few kms of driving and I am quite apprehensive about driving it in that state all the way to the service center which is 13kms from my home.
So do people here recommend calling up carista for this replacement? Do they know their way around a VW engine, and would they be able to get a genuine replacement?
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Default Re: Doorstep Car Servicing - Carista (Bangalore)

nma83, please take your vehicle to an ASC. I will not recommend them to experiment on a Skoda Rapid.
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Default Re: Doorstep Car Servicing - Carista (Bangalore)

Looks like Cartisan has some competition now. Do they only service or offer detailing service also? Would be interesting if they do.
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Default Re: Doorstep Car Servicing - Carista (Bangalore)

Originally Posted by deehunk View Post
nma83, please take your vehicle to an ASC. I will not recommend them to experiment on a Skoda Rapid.
I was half hoping for a vote of confidence so that I can avoid driving the car to the service center with the warning light staring at me . But looks like I have no other option.
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Default Re: Doorstep Car Servicing - Carista (Bangalore)

Hey Guys, I was in a hunt of an ASS for my 2012 Jetta.

After some R&D I thought why shouldn't I try Carista for a regular service.

Yesterday I went to their Website, failed couple of times to register because it'd freeze at the final step.

After couple of refreshes it still did not confirm my booking. I left it because I did not have any patience further.

So, today morning at 8.15am I get a call from them regarding the booking. That's very proactive. I did like that.

But as she started talking, it goes something like this.
She - Hi, this is from Carista regarding your booking.
Me - Yeah, good morning. Tell me about it.
<Voice breaks and cuts the call>
15 mins later she calls back again.
S - Hi, this is from Carista. Can we have an appointment today?
M - Yes, I did try yesterday but it failed for some reason.
S - It's OK. I will take it up here. What do you need to be done?
M - Just general check up.
S - OK, send me details of your car and address on whatsapp on the number I called you.
M - OK. I will send it right away.
An hour later she calls me back and asks to approve the quote via email.
S - Hi, I have sent you the estimation. Approve the quote via email.
M - OK.
So, I saw the quote of ~1K and just felt nothing fishy and sent my consent immediately.

40 mins later she Whatsapps me and says as below
Doorstep Car Servicing - Carista (Bangalore)-thumbnail_img_0773.jpg

I had to send a screenshot of my sent items. After which she did not acknowledge.
Doorstep Car Servicing - Carista (Bangalore)-reply-ss.png
Well, that was not really professional. There was no humility at all. I let that pass and wanted to see the service at least.

Again I receive a call from the mechanic himself saying that he'd come at 1PM. They came sharp 1PM as promised and started the check up immediately. Another thing that I liked. It was a very young lad (around 18) and another one in mid 20s. Hmm, I cannot just judge their knowledge on their age though.

What did they do?
They checked lights, Indicators, Engine oil, Coolant, Filters, AC, and under the chassis etc. They were very polite and were keen on listening what I asked them to check.

They used some device to check the AC (like a thermometer with metal tip). They gave me a report in the end; say after 25-30 mins of checking the car. So, they did a check which was good but not wow.

They advised a regular service and Drive shaft replacement since there is slight leakage on the left hand side. I just did not know what to say. I asked him the cost and they said they did not know and have to check with office folks.

I said alright and asked them to send an estimation via email. This was all done by 230PM. I paid them 1K via credit card. They carry a terminal with them.

All I felt was very equal to an FNG but did not get any wow factor to trust my German with them. I did not understand what was there worth of 1K?

Also, they said they will not adjust any amount even if I picked up their service as suggested.

I really started doubting the credibility of servicing. I could be wrong but you know I did not want anyone handle the Jetta when I am not sure.

Later in the evening I receive a call from her again.
S - Hi, This is from Carista.
M - Yeah, please tell me.
S - I have the list ready. Do you want me to add drive shaft in the estimation.
M - Yes please.
S- OK. This will cost around 9K.
M - OK. Send me the estimate and I will confirm later.
S - OK.

Below is the estimation I received.
Doorstep Car Servicing - Carista (Bangalore)-est1.jpg
Doorstep Car Servicing - Carista (Bangalore)-est2.jpg
I needed sometime to check around and reply them. I wanted to ask here if this was alright. But there you go I receive a message. Which is proactive; good. But not the way to reply to a customer I guess. I did not feel positive and said I will check later; for heaven sake I did not even get a reply. It was like getting Caristazoned man!
Doorstep Car Servicing - Carista (Bangalore)-thumbnail_img_0774.png
I didn't feel her being polite at all. I felt I was the vendor and she was the client.

Somehow even if their mechanics could have done the job; her attitude towards me made me change my mind. It is kind of mixed feeling with these folks but definitely not positive.

This is when I decided to move to Wheels Wisdom instead of Carista. My car is going to VW ASS on 30th of October. I shall keep you posted on the same.

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Default Re: Doorstep Car Servicing - Carista (Bangalore)

Adding to the above.

I knew the brake pads were newly installed.
So, to test them, I asked them to check and if they needed a replacement. They did say it was not required as they look pretty new. So, honest they were. Nice!

Meanwhile he did the wiper check and he turned on the wiper without washer with good amount of dust on it!

Soon after the prolonged squeak sound from the wind shield and my after my face went pale, the other mechanic instantly shouted 'Water on pann da' (Which roughly translates to turn on with water)

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Default Re: Doorstep Car Servicing - Carista (Bangalore)

The is a new doorstep car service in Bangalore -> I saw their Maruti Eeco loaded with servicing equipment parked in our neighborhood.
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Default Re: Doorstep Car Servicing - Carista (Bangalore)

Carista is now open in Chennai and fellow BHPian @ard1955 (Abhinandan Ramakrishnan) is the city head for this. Just launched today apparently, please PM him for details.
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