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buzzin_hornets 23rd March 2006 02:57

Pioneer headunit Graphics [change display gfx]
hey guys.. i tried googling it ..searched for it here ..but no luck.. im lookin to add some more grafix to my pioneer p1y.. im bored of the standrard f1 boat race etc.. there was a software availiable on the pioneer website. but i guess it aint ne longer.. its a free software. so if some1 has it or if u cud plz provide a link, id be more than happy! .. n yeah if u cud gimme a few instructions on how to use it. cuz when i did have the program it didnt work for me!..


buzzin_hornets 23rd March 2006 03:07

ok i found it.. its the pioneer OEL Screensaver studio but i dunno if its compatible wid the Pioneer P1Y ... hmmm can ne1 help me out on this..


aZa 23rd March 2006 10:44

Hahah Fosi what u want man ?? P1Y is a monochrome display right ???

OK now This is how u shud do it

1. Download the P1Y specific OEL Software. (Download and install the PC link 3b OEL Screensaver Studio P Blue program. )

2. Make a *.LKA file using the graphics (Graphics files are in *.LKD format) u want

3. Copy this "ent_disp.lka" file to a Blank cd (User a CDRW is better)

4. Now Switch off ur headunit (with the acc on) Press and hold ENTERTAINMENT and DISPLAY buttons and "INSERT DOWNLOAD DISC" will be displayed now insert ur CD

5. VOILA !! dats all

Find out if P1Y can take Spectrum analysers and all too my 8650 can't

karthik247 23rd March 2006 10:57

Do they work for the 7750 HU too?? Or can someone tell me where i can download them :D

jesal 23rd March 2006 11:05

yes it works alright. i used to have so much dumb stuff on it. irritating bit is u have to do one at a time. i used CDRW so i loaded one went home again burned again loaded that sucked but was aright.

jesal 23rd March 2006 11:06


Originally Posted by karthik247
Do they work for the 7750 HU too?? Or can someone tell me where i can download them :D

dont work with 7750. work with p1y, 8650, 9650 and i guess the new pioneer models in the upper range only

aZa 23rd March 2006 11:19

See this website all PIONEER OEL models are featured here

If its here then it works :)

buzzin_hornets 23rd March 2006 14:09

hey Thnx aZa bhai.. the 1 from the pioneer site aint working.. newayz ill give this site a try..cheers mate!


ankitahuja 19th October 2006 18:03

Hey guys, does anyone know if I can get any other ready-made OEL displays other than what Pioneer is offering on their website? I don't wish to make my own Movies or Backgrounds and end up with something that completely looks like home-made s***. Any links? Have you guys made anything then please forward me the files for my DEHP9600/9650.
Thanks a ton!

clipto333 10th February 2007 18:02


is it possible to add graphics to pio 6850?? if possible please let me know


Mugen_Power 10th February 2007 23:57


Originally Posted by clipto333 (Post 371674)

is it possible to add graphics to pio 6850?? if possible please let me know

I think it is possible. For more details check owner's manual.

revtech 11th February 2007 15:11

hey clipto did you check the manual ?? is it possible for the 6850 ??


jesal 11th February 2007 15:17

not possible............

clipto333 11th February 2007 16:43


theres nothing in the manual....maybe there is a hack or something...nevermind.


speedzak 11th February 2007 17:04

It is not possible on a 6850. Only possible on higher models.

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