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Default Connecting Sub to HU?

Hi folks!,
I have bought a pioneer 6850 HU and I am planning to go for JBL 506 ce component speakers for the front. I am not planning for any rear speakers. I was wondering if I can use the remaining channels to drive a passive sub....
I dont intend to use the sub in full blast...just to compensate the LF response of the components...

My questions are:
1. Although it looks theoritically possible, I believe I need an LPF. I read the manual and the LPFreq adjustments do exist. Just dunno if I can do it per channel...
2. Are there any long term drawbacks of driving a sub using the HU?
3. Have other members tried this out?

Thanks in advance!
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the feature u r saying about the hu is direct sub drive by conneting the rear speaker wire to the sub with min 2 ohms rating , yes it will work for sure but it will not give so much power to drive the sub to a min level also , one more thing if u use this setup u would also have to put extra battery wire so that the hu would require more power than the usual. about ur ques

no need for the lpf as it is built in the hu

if the company is saying that u can run a sub for the hu so i dont think there would be some problem in that

I havent but dont know about the others.
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There are a few head units from pioneer that can be bridged to drive a subwoofer - you will have to check if your unit has this feature. If it does, well, it will still be grossly underpowered but workable.
If it does not, then how will you use 2 channels of the rear on your HU to drive one sub. Theoretically you could drive a dual voice coil off the2 rear channels of your HU, but i know for a fact it will sound like excreta.
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I dont think the 6850's speaker outputs can be bridged. in fact the older models were bridgeable but the new HUs are not. funny. anyways. given the limited power available I would use the rear to power 2 6" woofers. You cna buy a pair of 4mh/0.5ohms soft iron core inductors to filter out the mids but these inductors will soak up some energy as well. still this is about the best option you got.

The LPF wont work as that is meant for the RCA outs and not speaker outs.
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Originally Posted by Sam Kapasi
i know for a fact it will sound like excreta.
Hmmm....looks like that sums it all for me ;-)....
I'd rather go for a basic entry level amp than mess up the whole thing....
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